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Youth in Cameroon learn video reporting for the ICDB


Broadcasting organization Ydé Cameroon first participated in the ICDB in 2007.  Alex Kotna, President of the Youth TV Assocation at Ydé Cameroon, recently wrote to us with a follow-up to their ICDB activities this year:

“We organised workshops for secondary school students, working with the news clubs to teach video reporting. At the end the students produced two videos reports. I also hope our national television will show the youth video reports on Sunday in their great live programm which is called Tam Tam Weekend.”


Bhopal marks ICDB, children anchor programmes and share aspirations


From Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist at the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh:

“Pappi is a nine-year-old student from class 3 in Bhopal along with Shahrukh, Rehnuma, and Aashi. They were speaking for the first time on air from All India Radio Station in Bhopal. These kids participated in various programmes produced to mark the 2010 International Children Day of Broadcasting.  In partnership with the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh, All India Radio produced and aired various radio programmes like Chintan, Krishi Charcha, Godhuli (a film-based programme), Bal Sabha and Bacchon ki Pasand ke geet. All these programmes were hosted by children. School children from Bhopal and children associated with the NGO Aarambh participated in the same.  (more…)

ICDB celebration sparks new collaborations for Radijojo


An exciting outcome of broadcasters all over the world celebrating the ICDB is the collaboration across national and cultural boundaries spearheaded by Radijojo, the first international children’s radio program. In the wake of their five-hour-long ICDB programming on 7 March, including the shows “A Journey through Africa,” and “This is Europe,” we received this enthusiastic update from Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief. (more…)

Committing to children’s rights on the ICDB in The Gambia


In The Gambia, local leaders, parents, teachers, media professionals, and others invested in the welfare of children gathered together with almost 200 youth to celebrate the ICDB on 7 March. The Intergenerational Dialogue forum was organized by the local organization Young People in the Media (YPM) as a way to promote children’s rights through the media. Throughout the forum, several key speeches by leaders such as Victor George from Unique FM, and Fanta Bai Secka, director of the Department of Social Welfare, confirmed The Gambia’s commitment to promoting youth voices and advocating for children’s issues in the media.

Read an article on the event in The Gambia’s newspaper Today here.

Uzbekistan Enters the ICDB Community


Uzbekistan will be marking the International Children’s Day, 7 March, 2010 for the first time with programmes produced with and by children and young people. One Radio and two TV channels have produced special programmes with and focusing on children. All programmes are produced in Uzbek.

1. Uzbek Radio, one of the national radio channels, will air “Osmir” (adolescents), featuring Ms Shakhnoza Ganieva, Head of Legal Department of the Republican Centre for Social Adaptation being interviewed by children about child rights and national legislation.

2. NTT TV Channel, which has a network of 20 provincial channels, will have a wide coverage in the regions.
– It will air a special ICDB spot in the lead up to the day.
– A short programme on ICDB (curtain raiser) will be shown on the morning of 7 March.

A thought every hour on Citizen TV


Citizen TV, a private television station in Kenya, will air one minute PSAs focusing on issues of children’s rights every hour this weekend and through Sunday. The short pieces vary from pubic service announcements to dramas, from animations to youth voices. It is a way to keep a constant reminder of children’ rights in the minds of the regular viewers.

Citizen TV won the 2009 ICDB Award for television.

Malaysian broadcasters collaborate with UNICEF to celebrate ‘All Rights All Children’


In an unprecedented nation-wide collaboration, broadcasters across Malaysia get ready for a two-day celebration of the ICDB on 6 and 7 March. UNICEF and its media partners have organized a full slate of youth-driven and youth-produced programs especially for the ICDB. The programming coincides with the “Tune in to Me” campaign, a collaboration between UNICEF and Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide that was initiated in November  2009  to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to honour Article 12: Every child’s right to be heard. (more…)

Youth tackle serious issues for the ICDB in the Democratic of Republic of Congo


Floribert Bayonga, Director of Kids News Project, shared plans for ICDB programming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

“Our organization named “Radio Tele Famille” (Voix des Enfants or Kids Voice) is a Radio and TV station by and for youth situated in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  For the ICDB, we will create a special kids news show featuring reports by young people about issues they face.  Also, we are planning a story about rape that will be submitted to you for the 2010 ICDB Awards before 15 June.  The United Nations estimates that 200,000 women and girls have been the victims of sexual violence since 1998. (more…)

Turkey children’s tv to celebrate the ICDB


TRT Çocuk is a Turkish television station that broadcasts all children’s programming everyday until 9 pm. A brief update from station manager Sevilay Bozdemir confirmed their participation in this year’s ICDB:

“We will emphasise the [ICDB] in our live programmes, and two times on that day in our Kid’s News program we will air some prepared materials. We will also try to add some jingles about the day.”

Zambia focuses on children’s rights and climate change for ICDB 2010


We recently got news of Zambia’s nation-wide programming plans for this year’s ICDB from Patrick Slavin, Chief of Communications at UNICEF Zambia:

“I’m very pleased to report that ICDB is being organized in Zambia this year by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They’re convening planning meetings and are very committed. Plans for 07 March include:

  • ZNBC, the national broadcaster, will allot time from 06:00am to 18:00hrs for children to take over the airwaves on television and specific schedules for radio.  ZCO is helping to fund.
  • UNICEF has shared the ICDB link from to all partners and everyone has shared ideas for programming from the link.
  • UNICEF Rep with child ambassadors will be featured on our ICDB promo on Kwacha Good Morning Zambia on Saturday, March 6, 2010.
  • (more…)