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Bhopal marks ICDB, children anchor programmes and share aspirations


From Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist at the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh:

“Pappi is a nine-year-old student from class 3 in Bhopal along with Shahrukh, Rehnuma, and Aashi. They were speaking for the first time on air from All India Radio Station in Bhopal. These kids participated in various programmes produced to mark the 2010 International Children Day of Broadcasting.  In partnership with the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh, All India Radio produced and aired various radio programmes like Chintan, Krishi Charcha, Godhuli (a film-based programme), Bal Sabha and Bacchon ki Pasand ke geet. All these programmes were hosted by children. School children from Bhopal and children associated with the NGO Aarambh participated in the same.  (more…)


Youth tackle serious issues for the ICDB in the Democratic of Republic of Congo


Floribert Bayonga, Director of Kids News Project, shared plans for ICDB programming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

“Our organization named “Radio Tele Famille” (Voix des Enfants or Kids Voice) is a Radio and TV station by and for youth situated in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  For the ICDB, we will create a special kids news show featuring reports by young people about issues they face.  Also, we are planning a story about rape that will be submitted to you for the 2010 ICDB Awards before 15 June.  The United Nations estimates that 200,000 women and girls have been the victims of sexual violence since 1998. (more…)

Youth to take over Gambian radiowaves on the ICDB


Two-time ICDB regional award winner Gambia Television and Radio Services (GTRS) is Gambia’s only national public service broadcaster. Producer Nfansu Jamba wrote to us about their all-youth programming plans for this year’s ICDB celebration:

“I am busy training my kids on news reading in English and local languages.  I went to schools in the rural areas to record some programme materials in the local languages to be broadcast [on the ICDB]. On GTRS/Radio children will produce and present all our programs that day and no adult voice will be heard on the radio.  They are trained on how to operate our studio equipment.  Apart from that, they are also invited to the state house to ask the president about the government’s stance on the welfare of children.  The ICBD on GRTS/radio also involves a lot of activities such as a music festival and a dancing competition.”

All India Radio’s youth-focused programming


Producer Archana Prasad from All India Radio, an ICDB award nominee in 2009, wrote to us about their ongoing programming that aims to raise awareness around children’s rights.

“I have been deeply involved in a radio project dealing in gender bias, female infanticide and female foeticide. I have produced a state hook up program on gender equality.  We will surely celebrate the ICDB this year. It is the duty and responsibility of our society as a whole to provide:


Radijojo’s global reach for the ICDB


Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is a global media initiative that empowers youth by using the radio and the internet as tools for global learning and cultural exchange. Based in Germany, they work with schools, community radio stations, and youth organizations worldwide to produce programs by children and for children. An ICDB nominee for their program “Kids from Germany Meet Kids from the Balkans” in 2009, Radijojo also has big plans for the ICDB this year. Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief wrote to us about the details:

“Here is what Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is preparing (knock on wood…).  We have two projects cooking that we dedicate to ICDB 2010:

1. An “Afropean” children’s radio show that we create together with children in schools in Senegal, Ghana and Germany. This show will deliver a wide range aspects of life in Africa: arts, music, children’s rights, civil war and positive examples of development.  It will also include songs performed and recorded with African musicians plus interviews with artists from Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Senegal, Ghana, Kongo and Burkina Faso that the Berlin children’s radio reporters conducted during a weeklong Africa workshop in the Imme Youth Centre, Berlin. This show is dedicated to all the children in Africa and to our new friends and partners of ABC (Africa’s Best Channel) that will be launched at the ICDB in Nigeria.


Rádio Justiça’s inspired plans for ICDB 2010


Rádio Justiça is the innovative public radio station of the Brazilian Supreme Court that works to teach ideas around children’s rights, respect, and peace to both youth and adults.  Winner of the 2009 ICDB award in radio, Rádio Justiça has big plans for this year’s ICDB. Coordinator Madeleine Lacsko wrote to us about Rádio Justiça’s program, inspired by Marianne McCune of New York-WNYC’s Radio Rookies, who gave a presentation about her work at last year’s ICDB award ceremony events.

“This year, we’re mixing something [like Radio Rookies] with a nation-wide school project.

The really awesome thing about the award is that we don’t need to spend daily hours convincing people that the Supreme Court can deal with children and cares about them. Now people call me asking how they can help this year.


TRAXXfm in Malaysia trains youth DJs and producers


Rohani Harithuddin, station manager for TRAXXfm radio station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shares their upcoming plans for the ICDB 2010 celebration on 7 March. An ICDB 2009 award nominee, TRAXXfm airs programming that caters to a younger audience from 10pm onwards. After participating in the ICDB awards events in New York last year, Harithuddin returned to  Kuala Lumpur with ideas on how to deepen her station’s approach to youth programs and how to get young people  involved in production. We are excited to hear the results of their planning!

“TRAXXfm is participating in the ICDB again this year. As planned, the station is embarking on a road tour beginning the 19th February. During the tour we will be conducting radio DJ workshops for children! We would like to explore what things that they think a lot about and would want everybody to know. This time, all of the aspects of the production will be done by the children themselves.”

To learn more, visit TRAXXfm’s website:

Curious Minds Still Curious in Ghana


The Curious Minds show on Ghana National Broadcasting (GNB) is an excellent example of getting youth not only involved in media but at the forefront of broadcasting. The station has been nominated two years in a row for the ICDB Awards and won the global ICDB Award in 2008.

Producer Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh updates us on their lead up and plans for the 2010 ICDB in Ghana.

“Earlier on in January, we started the preparatory process with a series of interviews of a number of children in some of the deprived communities in Accra in relation to what they thought about their rights.


Advice on motivating children?


We just received a comment from Robert in Uganda who produces a children’s program on Kitti 99.2 FM who is wondering about outreach in rural areas and getting kids motivated. Maybe some folks can offer up some advice?…

“Hi, I am Robert producing the children programme on kitti 99.2 fm kitgum Uganda. I must congratulate UNICEF for this initiative of broadcast and I must say you should continue. We in the north have taken it to another level and find it interesting and now the children have the ability to participate in children programs actively. Our problem still remains how to link up with these kids in far-to-reach areas and how to motivate them. We are trying to come up with the criteria of handling it but if there are those that have met such challenges can you share with us? Thank you UNICEF and the partners – let’s continue to provide the children in this world a safe place to live and feel free to exercise their rights.”

You can leave a comment here if you have advice.

Nigerian Media Company Celebrates Child Rights


From Yinka Ogundimu, Program Manager at Silverbird Television/ Rhythm 93.7FM in Lagos, Nigeria:

“For us children form an integral part of the society whose rights have for long been undermined. In agreement with UNICEF’s belief in giving the children a voice, Silverbird Television and it’s sister Radio Station will be dedicating a whole week (March 1-7) to the cause of children in celebrating the ICDB.

Our studios will open to the children as they present the News and location reports and some key programs. They will anchor these programs and discuss vital issues that relate to them.

On Sunday March 7, ICDB, there will be a live broadcast of “Kids’ Portfolio,” a children’s Parliament for the children and by the children. The parliament will be a replica of the Nation’s Legislative Chambers where the children will be passing bills on fundamental issues relating to them. Some of the bills expected to be passed on the day will be on 1) girls education, 2) child labour, 3) child abuse and 4) street hawking by children.

We do sincerely believe that at the end of the week, much attention will have been drawn to the rights of the Nigerian child.”