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Malaysian broadcasters collaborate with UNICEF to celebrate ‘All Rights All Children’


In an unprecedented nation-wide collaboration, broadcasters across Malaysia get ready for a two-day celebration of the ICDB on 6 and 7 March. UNICEF and its media partners have organized a full slate of youth-driven and youth-produced programs especially for the ICDB. The programming coincides with the “Tune in to Me” campaign, a collaboration between UNICEF and Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide that was initiated in November  2009  to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to honour Article 12: Every child’s right to be heard. (more…)


TRAXXfm in Malaysia trains youth DJs and producers


Rohani Harithuddin, station manager for TRAXXfm radio station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shares their upcoming plans for the ICDB 2010 celebration on 7 March. An ICDB 2009 award nominee, TRAXXfm airs programming that caters to a younger audience from 10pm onwards. After participating in the ICDB awards events in New York last year, Harithuddin returned to  Kuala Lumpur with ideas on how to deepen her station’s approach to youth programs and how to get young people  involved in production. We are excited to hear the results of their planning!

“TRAXXfm is participating in the ICDB again this year. As planned, the station is embarking on a road tour beginning the 19th February. During the tour we will be conducting radio DJ workshops for children! We would like to explore what things that they think a lot about and would want everybody to know. This time, all of the aspects of the production will be done by the children themselves.”

To learn more, visit TRAXXfm’s website: