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ICDB celebration sparks new collaborations for Radijojo


An exciting outcome of broadcasters all over the world celebrating the ICDB is the collaboration across national and cultural boundaries spearheaded by Radijojo, the first international children’s radio program. In the wake of their five-hour-long ICDB programming on 7 March, including the shows “A Journey through Africa,” and “This is Europe,” we received this enthusiastic update from Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief. (more…)


Germany’s KI.KA has special show for ICDB


The German children’s channel KI.KA will carry a special report on the ICDB called “Finally in School! Ben in Rwanda,” a show that will explore a situation where children’s rights aren’t always realized in the everyday lives of kids.

Ben visits Rwanda and gets to see both children in school and those who are not so fortunate. He visits the Murama School in the Murama/Gasabo District, which takes part in the “Schools for Africa” project of UNICEF. There he sees young people taking charge of their fates with the help of education. He also visits with a number of other children who are not so fortunate to go to school.

The show’s purpose is to encourage German children to stand up for children elsewhere and to challenge the stereotypes that Western media often portrays to its spectators.

Radijojo’s global reach for the ICDB


Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is a global media initiative that empowers youth by using the radio and the internet as tools for global learning and cultural exchange. Based in Germany, they work with schools, community radio stations, and youth organizations worldwide to produce programs by children and for children. An ICDB nominee for their program “Kids from Germany Meet Kids from the Balkans” in 2009, Radijojo also has big plans for the ICDB this year. Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief wrote to us about the details:

“Here is what Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is preparing (knock on wood…).  We have two projects cooking that we dedicate to ICDB 2010:

1. An “Afropean” children’s radio show that we create together with children in schools in Senegal, Ghana and Germany. This show will deliver a wide range aspects of life in Africa: arts, music, children’s rights, civil war and positive examples of development.  It will also include songs performed and recorded with African musicians plus interviews with artists from Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Senegal, Ghana, Kongo and Burkina Faso that the Berlin children’s radio reporters conducted during a weeklong Africa workshop in the Imme Youth Centre, Berlin. This show is dedicated to all the children in Africa and to our new friends and partners of ABC (Africa’s Best Channel) that will be launched at the ICDB in Nigeria.