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Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan focuses on children’s rights for the ICDB


The Saba Media Organization (SMO)’s Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan has celebrated the ICDB this year by producing a 26-minute long children’s program. We received this description of the show from Taj Mohammad Bassiry:

“Khabarak (Children’s News) is a program that represents different problems of Afghan kids in almost every aspect of their life. This program consists of nine parts. In the first section it talks about those kids that have to work and earn money rather than studying because their parents can’t work due to different reasons.  (more…)


Télévision Togolaise’s “A Planet for Us” highlights children’s rights on the ICDB


On this year’s ICDB, Télévision Togolaise’s children’s program, A Nous La Planete (A Planet for Us), aired stories that focused attention on children living on the streets who have little or no access to basic rights like food and education. Télévision Togolaise won an ICDB regional award last year. We received this summary from UNICEF Togo’s Essi Fafa Soulé. (more…)

A thought every hour on Citizen TV


Citizen TV, a private television station in Kenya, will air one minute PSAs focusing on issues of children’s rights every hour this weekend and through Sunday. The short pieces vary from pubic service announcements to dramas, from animations to youth voices. It is a way to keep a constant reminder of children’ rights in the minds of the regular viewers.

Citizen TV won the 2009 ICDB Award for television.

Zambia focuses on children’s rights and climate change for ICDB 2010


We recently got news of Zambia’s nation-wide programming plans for this year’s ICDB from Patrick Slavin, Chief of Communications at UNICEF Zambia:

“I’m very pleased to report that ICDB is being organized in Zambia this year by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They’re convening planning meetings and are very committed. Plans for 07 March include:

  • ZNBC, the national broadcaster, will allot time from 06:00am to 18:00hrs for children to take over the airwaves on television and specific schedules for radio.  ZCO is helping to fund.
  • UNICEF has shared the ICDB link from to all partners and everyone has shared ideas for programming from the link.
  • UNICEF Rep with child ambassadors will be featured on our ICDB promo on Kwacha Good Morning Zambia on Saturday, March 6, 2010.
  • (more…)

Rádio Justiça’s inspired plans for ICDB 2010


Rádio Justiça is the innovative public radio station of the Brazilian Supreme Court that works to teach ideas around children’s rights, respect, and peace to both youth and adults.  Winner of the 2009 ICDB award in radio, Rádio Justiça has big plans for this year’s ICDB. Coordinator Madeleine Lacsko wrote to us about Rádio Justiça’s program, inspired by Marianne McCune of New York-WNYC’s Radio Rookies, who gave a presentation about her work at last year’s ICDB award ceremony events.

“This year, we’re mixing something [like Radio Rookies] with a nation-wide school project.

The really awesome thing about the award is that we don’t need to spend daily hours convincing people that the Supreme Court can deal with children and cares about them. Now people call me asking how they can help this year.


Join the ICDB on 7 March 2010


On 7 March 2010, we invite radio and television broadcasters to celebrate the ICDB and highlight programming by, for and about children.  The theme is “All Rights All Children.”

As the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) marks its 20th anniversary, UNICEF highlights the rights that all children deserve.  Whether it is a quality education or a safe home, adequate food and drinking water or the ability to participate in society, children should get what they need to become strong members of society.

How do young people find out about their rights and responsibilities? Today, media is one of the most widely recognized ways to reach young people.  Broadcasters have the responsibility to highlight issues that face children and to open young people’s eyes to opportunities and rights that may not be known to them.

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) was created to give exposure to issues of children’s rights.  Over the years, it has also has become a day of celebrating young people in the media.