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Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan focuses on children’s rights for the ICDB


The Saba Media Organization (SMO)’s Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan has celebrated the ICDB this year by producing a 26-minute long children’s program. We received this description of the show from Taj Mohammad Bassiry:

“Khabarak (Children’s News) is a program that represents different problems of Afghan kids in almost every aspect of their life. This program consists of nine parts. In the first section it talks about those kids that have to work and earn money rather than studying because their parents can’t work due to different reasons.  (more…)


Turkey children’s tv to celebrate the ICDB


TRT Çocuk is a Turkish television station that broadcasts all children’s programming everyday until 9 pm. A brief update from station manager Sevilay Bozdemir confirmed their participation in this year’s ICDB:

“We will emphasise the [ICDB] in our live programmes, and two times on that day in our Kid’s News program we will air some prepared materials. We will also try to add some jingles about the day.”

Nigerian Media Company Celebrates Child Rights


From Yinka Ogundimu, Program Manager at Silverbird Television/ Rhythm 93.7FM in Lagos, Nigeria:

“For us children form an integral part of the society whose rights have for long been undermined. In agreement with UNICEF’s belief in giving the children a voice, Silverbird Television and it’s sister Radio Station will be dedicating a whole week (March 1-7) to the cause of children in celebrating the ICDB.

Our studios will open to the children as they present the News and location reports and some key programs. They will anchor these programs and discuss vital issues that relate to them.

On Sunday March 7, ICDB, there will be a live broadcast of “Kids’ Portfolio,” a children’s Parliament for the children and by the children. The parliament will be a replica of the Nation’s Legislative Chambers where the children will be passing bills on fundamental issues relating to them. Some of the bills expected to be passed on the day will be on 1) girls education, 2) child labour, 3) child abuse and 4) street hawking by children.

We do sincerely believe that at the end of the week, much attention will have been drawn to the rights of the Nigerian child.”

ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting


UNICEF welcomed representatives of all 12 broadcasters nominated for the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to New York this week to celebrate their work, partake in a seminar on children’s broadcasting and youth media, and attend the 2009 ICDB Awards ceremony.

VIDEO: Watch now

Attendees at the ceremony, held last night at The Modern restaurant in mid-Manhattan, came from around the world – from television and radio stations, youth media groups and non-governmental organizations. Host SuChin Pak of MTV News congratulated the broadcasters for powerfully and positively affecting young lives.

The annual awards are given to broadcasters who support ICDB, a day set aside each year to encourage young people to get involved in television and radio broadcasting. ICDB 2009 took place in March of this year under the theme, ‘Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids.’

To read the full story, click here.

European Children’s Radio Bridge


Radijojo from Berlin, Germany and Media Education Centre from Belgrade, Serbia have to finish our EuChiRa-European Children’s Radio Bridge Project. Our contribution for the celebration of the International Children’s Broadcasting Day will be Final Multimedia Exhibition with live streaming, internet radio broadcasting and for chat open audio video bridge. Like good example of our work with children you can listen Radijojo-Media Education Centre BELGRADE’S HUMMINGBIRDS radio show:


we will have also our short film, animation and documentary film program made by international groups of children during our past multimedia workshop. For exemple we will show to you documentary film made with Mr. Erling Ericsson and his famous The Animation Box during our International Winter Multimedia Workshop in Becej, Serbia, December 2008: