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Rádio Justiça’s inspired plans for ICDB 2010


Rádio Justiça is the innovative public radio station of the Brazilian Supreme Court that works to teach ideas around children’s rights, respect, and peace to both youth and adults.  Winner of the 2009 ICDB award in radio, Rádio Justiça has big plans for this year’s ICDB. Coordinator Madeleine Lacsko wrote to us about Rádio Justiça’s program, inspired by Marianne McCune of New York-WNYC’s Radio Rookies, who gave a presentation about her work at last year’s ICDB award ceremony events.

“This year, we’re mixing something [like Radio Rookies] with a nation-wide school project.

The really awesome thing about the award is that we don’t need to spend daily hours convincing people that the Supreme Court can deal with children and cares about them. Now people call me asking how they can help this year.