ICDB activity highlighted in news

15/03/2011 by

Bulawayo 24 has a short story about ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) and its ICDB programming.

FOROYAA Online features a story from the National News that highlights the reactions of young people.


Mozambique Gets Children on the Air

11/03/2011 by

Mozambique has had a long history of celebrating the ICDB and has year-round quality youth media presence, especially through its child-to-child radio program. Here, a report from Sébastien Taylor in the UNICEF office in Maputo:

On Sunday March 6, UNICEF Mozambique celebrated the ICDB, a day when broadcasters around the world “tune in to kids”, airing quality programming by children, for children and about children. Above all, children are allowed to be part of the programming and production process, giving them an opportunity to talk about their hopes and dreams and providing space to share information and exchange views with their peers in other parts of the world. The focus of this year’s ICDB was on issues of gender inclusion and equality, and the day also opened the doors for media channels to take a closer look at what kind of images and stereotypes they are putting on air and how children perceive them. The day was also an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are as individuals and about what is expected of them as in their societies.
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Across Pakistan, Broadcasters Represent

09/03/2011 by

In Pakistan, there has been a long history of participation, since 2003. This year, numerous radio and television broadcasters celebrated the ICDB in different ways.

On Pakistan Television, the regular morning show “Subh-e-Naw” was branded as a special (pre-recorded) programme for ICDB with children who have experience in broadcasting. Dawn News TV broadast a special News bulletin produced and anchored by children during every top-of-the- hour news. Express News had a special bulletin focusing success stories of children. Aaj TV aired an ICDB-special documentary entitled “Baligh Bachee,” with focus on street children, and created special news packages and one minute fillers on the ICDB. On Geo TV, regular programmes “Khabarnak” and “Geo Dost” had an ICDB flavour with child participation.

Radio stations also did their part to celebrate. FM 89 aired a special, live ICDB programme with children (2 boys and 2 girls) and RJ Ves Malik. Apna Karachi FM 107 also had a special live programme with children and FM 100 aired two special ICDB music programmes with children and RJ Hina.

Mexican children express their opinions

09/03/2011 by

In Mexico, Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (C7) tuned in to kids with a special program celebrating the ICDB. The production was called “Pink or Blue?” and was a one-hour live broadcast from the Metropolitan Park in Guadalajara. During the broadcast, children were asked about their opinions about the roles of men and women, how we can change the opinions that women can’t do everything men can and vice versa.

For several weeks children were also trained as cameramen and floor managers, provided their knowledge and ideas for implementing the program and were ready to go on air and share in the important ICDB program.
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UNICEF Niger partners with local media

09/03/2011 by

UNICEF Niger partnered with local media on a variety of initiatives. For ICBD 2011, many local radios – including three in Tillabéry, two in Maradi, and two in Zinder – welcomed youth and children to talk about their daily challenges and opportunities as young citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

In the capital Niamey, Television Ténéré, a private media broadcast nationwide children’s messages on a daily basis; in these messages, children talk about their daily struggles at school, at home, and in their communities. They also urge political leaders to act for the betterment of living conditions for children; political leaders have been receptive: both candidates for the second tour of the presidential election which will take place on March 12th in Niger, have signed the “Children’s Declaration” and have committed to act once elected.
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Youth Media Guyana Creates Special Program

04/03/2011 by

In Guyana, the organization Youth Media Guyana has produced a special program highlighting the ICDB theme. While this presentation will be broadcast on local television stations, all broadcasters in Guyana have been informed of the observance and this year’s theme and will be doing individual programmes to reflect same. Here are more details about the YMG program, from Andrea Bryant, coordinator of YMG:

Youth Media Guyana will be producing a special 30 minute TV production that examines the theme from a youth perspective. “Boys are… Girls are…” fits perfectly with a Guyanese childhood hand game that goes like this:

“Boys are rotten made out of cotton,
Girls are sexy made out of Pepsi.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupiter,
Girls go to Mars to be superstars.”
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Morocco Joins in Again

04/03/2011 by

Last year, 2M Soread won the regional ICDB Award for television. UNICEF Communication officer Annis Maghri from Morocco shares their plans to repeat this year:

This year we are renewing our partnership with 2M Soread to celebrate ICDB. This 6th March, 2M is going to dedicate its programs to promote children and adolescents participation in their preparation and presentation. Breaking news and emissions will make a version for children’s rights. Programs covered are: Ajial (Generations dedicated to youth), Farid Aalam (dedicated to children and adolescents), Dar Wa Decor: (for families) and Bghit Naâraf (Youth).
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Radijojo joins ICDB

04/03/2011 by

Thomas Röhlinger, Founder & Editor in Chief of Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network, shares the stations plan to engage the global voices of girls and boys:

Greetings from Berlin, dear friends of the ICDB movement!

From Argentina to Afghanistan, from Russia to the Colombia, from Germany to Uganda, from Chile to Russia: Girls and boys of all age groups from across the globe come together for this years Radijojo’s ICDB entry.

The young radio talents will share their views and experiences with their peers worldwide, to raise awareness for the diversity of cultures and lifestiles they present, for the many things all children have in common – and for the pressing needs of so many children worldwide that are still unmet.
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India Participation Spreads Across the Country

03/03/2011 by

In India, there are multiple events and programs taking place to celebrate the ICDB.

In Lucknow, the local radio station All India Radio has taken home the regional ICDB Award two years in a row. The station continues its excellent support of the ICDB initiative with a 2-hour special for this occasion. A team of producers is working with children on the theme of “Girls are…. Boys are…”. They have planned a mix of songs, radio-drama, poetry sessions, show case of talent, case studies of achievers, etc. They plan to use children as presenters, performers and participants.

Bag Network group is present in high-focus states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Through its FM radio stations called Dhamaal 24, the radio will devote over eight hours of programming by and for children on March 6. Child reporters from UNICEF’s Integrated District – East Singhbhum will come to the state capital in Ranchi and would interact and share their views on the issues affecting children in a workshop jointly organized by Radio Dhamal 24 and UNICEF. Thereafter, the children would be taken to the studio where the adolescents will interact with the radio jockey and will speak on the issues directly impacting them.
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Comprehensive Coverage in Zimbabwe

02/03/2011 by

In Zimbabwe, the UNICEF team has engaged journalists and broadcasters in a comprehensive approach to celebrating the ICDB. Here is a report from Bertha Shoko in the UNICEF Zimbabwe office:

As preparation for the 2011 International Children’s Day (ICDB) of Broadcast and to ensure the coverage of children’s issues on this year’s ICDB, the UNICEF Zimbabwe country office/Communications Team organised a Field Visit for broadcast (radio and TV) journalists to gather stories for airing on ICDB. During the five day media tour journalists travelled to four provinces in the country to see first hand UNICEF supported programmes and their impact on the ground.
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