How to post your plans

If you are a broadcaster or youth media organization who is planning an event, program or broadcast for the ICDB, we’d like to see it on this site.  There are two ways to do that:

1. You can send an email to with all the information about your ICDB plans and we at UNICEF will post it for you. 

If you choose this option, please include your name, the participating broadcaster, your email and all the information about what your plans are.

2. You can create a wordpress username (it’s easy and free – click here), send a request to access this blog to and then you can post your plans yourself.

Whichever is easier for you…we just want to see what people around the world are doing to celebrate the ICDB and hopefully inspire others to join in.


6 Responses to “How to post your plans”

  1. Welcome to the ICDB community « UNICEF ICDB Says:

    […] here for information on how to post […]

  2. ourworldlincolnshire050309 Says:

    Greetings from Lincolnshire, England, UK!
    I have been wotking with a group of young peolpe in care for the past 12 months on an amazing multi-media project known as OUR WORLD? The project has seen up to 50 young people researching and developing their skills in the following media – film-making; radio broadcasting; music compostion and technology; web design; exhibition design and comic and graphic novel work. It’s been quite a journey. The young people are aged 13 to 17 and have explored how the world looks and feels from their perspective of being a young person in care. The OUR WORLD? project is providing real skills for the young people, and some have already expressed an interest in radio broadcasting as a career path – something they would never have considered a couple of years ago.
    To tie in with ICDB the project is bringing hundreds of children and young people in care together for a Celebration of Achievement Awards Ceremony on 5 March in Lincoln, England. The young people’s films will be exhibited, whilst the 7 tunes they have written, performed and recorded will be played. The Ceremony has high profile Children’s BBC presenter Kirsten O’Brien hosting, along with a local young person, and the internationally acclaimed breakdancer collective, FUNKSLYLERZ performing. It’s going to be a very special day for both the young people as well as their carers! MORE SOON… DAVID LAMBERT

  3. Henry Kabwe Says:

    The Media Network on Orphans and Vulnerable Children will organise children with the support from Save the Children – Sweden to start writing on issues affecting them and monitoring the media and it falls within the framework of the ICDB. The children will come from a community school and a government school.
    We hope to increase this kind of participation by the Children’s News Agency (CNA) to other nine provinces in Zambia by 2011.

  4. Phil Chulu Says:

    It is always a pleasure to be associated with this very important day and every year we have always taken it upon ourselves to organise something for the kids since 2006 as a radio station.This time however as a network of producers and presenters we are responding to this course by helping children realise their potential.
    we are based in Chipata eastern Zambia

  5. Radio communautaire Jet7 Says:

    On the occasion of International day of radio and television, our community JET7 station, will broadcast special programming for a week. Reports from youth associations such as:
    Aware generation, which promotes cultural exchanges among young people in Africa and conducting awareness campaigns in schools to discuss with young people about the ills that undermine it. The NGO Facing Tomorrow, which promotes the rights of children to radio, television, festivals and ceremonies through sketches made by children, a interpellation of the consciences of young people to know their rights and duties of parents and respect them.
    Other community groups are the party Club Hope UNESCO Youth which promotes UNESCO’s programs and youth in the context of strengthening their intellectual capacity the club organizes an annual spelling contest which is in its 5th edition. The shelters and Hope Rainbow Libreville are also there. They receptions street children and victims of sévisses of society and are also active in their reintegration into the family, we have sister Ritha responsible. For the first time in Gabon on a tight micro street children and they expressed open-heart about their situation. I expect that you can send me the application form for the competition.

    • hongantruong Says:

      Wonderful! We are so happy to hear of your events and hope they were successful. If you send me a summary of the week’s events we would love to post them on our main page of the blog. We will certainly send you information for the ICDB awards.

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