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Join the ICDB on 7 March 2010


On 7 March 2010, we invite radio and television broadcasters to celebrate the ICDB and highlight programming by, for and about children.  The theme is “All Rights All Children.”

As the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) marks its 20th anniversary, UNICEF highlights the rights that all children deserve.  Whether it is a quality education or a safe home, adequate food and drinking water or the ability to participate in society, children should get what they need to become strong members of society.

How do young people find out about their rights and responsibilities? Today, media is one of the most widely recognized ways to reach young people.  Broadcasters have the responsibility to highlight issues that face children and to open young people’s eyes to opportunities and rights that may not be known to them.

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) was created to give exposure to issues of children’s rights.  Over the years, it has also has become a day of celebrating young people in the media.



ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting


UNICEF welcomed representatives of all 12 broadcasters nominated for the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to New York this week to celebrate their work, partake in a seminar on children’s broadcasting and youth media, and attend the 2009 ICDB Awards ceremony.

VIDEO: Watch now

Attendees at the ceremony, held last night at The Modern restaurant in mid-Manhattan, came from around the world – from television and radio stations, youth media groups and non-governmental organizations. Host SuChin Pak of MTV News congratulated the broadcasters for powerfully and positively affecting young lives.

The annual awards are given to broadcasters who support ICDB, a day set aside each year to encourage young people to get involved in television and radio broadcasting. ICDB 2009 took place in March of this year under the theme, ‘Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids.’

To read the full story, click here.

CRC video contest – deadline extended to 30 August 2009


new_crc-contest2Good news! UNICEF extended the deadline for its CRC One Minute Video Contest. Now you have a few more weeks to work on your entries for this year’s competition.  The new deadline is 30 August 2009.

We want to see what you think about child’s rights!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a document that celebrates all the important rights young people have. Make a one minute video showing what child rights mean to you, whether in the world at large, your country, your community or you personally.

Watch our promo video on youtube and read more about the contest on UNICEF’s Voices of Youth website.

A youth film festival for everyone


Movie_Time_LahoreDo you make media? Want an audience for your work? Read the latest Media Magic Digest about youth film festivals here. And read on for a list of youth film festivals all around the world.  Leave a comment and let us know about youth film festivals in your region!


ICDB in Germany! “Kids from Berlin meet kids from the Balkans”


From Thomas Roehlinger, Radijojo:

Radijojo launches international radio bridge

Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network celebrated ICDB with a very special event: We launched the first radio bridge from Germany to Serbia with a joyful and enthusiastic party in the Radijojo Headquarters.

Kids from schools in “underprivileged” parts of Berlin gathered to listen to the 6 wonderful brandnew radio shows during the workshops and see the accompanying exhibition with self-painted drawings, photos and scripts of the radio reporter freshmen.

The project is part of our European Children’s Radio EUCHIRA. It involved young talents not only from Serbia and Germany, but kids with parents from Bosnia, Albania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Croatia, Romania, Sierra Leone, Portugal, Vietnam, Palestine, Italy, Turkey, Angola and Brazil as well – a fascinating document of diversity in today’s Europe.


European Children’s Radio Bridge


Radijojo from Berlin, Germany and Media Education Centre from Belgrade, Serbia have to finish our EuChiRa-European Children’s Radio Bridge Project. Our contribution for the celebration of the International Children’s Broadcasting Day will be Final Multimedia Exhibition with live streaming, internet radio broadcasting and for chat open audio video bridge. Like good example of our work with children you can listen Radijojo-Media Education Centre BELGRADE’S HUMMINGBIRDS radio show:


we will have also our short film, animation and documentary film program made by international groups of children during our past multimedia workshop. For exemple we will show to you documentary film made with Mr. Erling Ericsson and his famous The Animation Box during our International Winter Multimedia Workshop in Becej, Serbia, December 2008:

Welcome to the ICDB community


icdb2009imageOn 1 March 2009, we invite television and radio broadcasters around the world to Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids! What do children and young people care about most? What are their values, fears and dreams? Many children around the world share the same ideals, even if their lives are vastly different. Tune in to Kids! will give us a platform to hear their opinions, see their perspectives and listen to their stories.

Broadcasters can create special programming for the day or package existing programming as a marathon ICDB event. Invite youth into the studio to host programmes and talk shows or have young reporters interview local politicians. UNICEF can provide logos, graphics, spots and short programming to help shape and brand ICDB specials. UNICEF can also help connect broadcasters with local youth media organizations that are looking for an outlet for their television and radio productions.

If you are a broadcaster or a youth media group and you are planning an activity for the ICDB, we want you to share it here. That way, we can see what people are up to around the world and other broadcasters and organizations can get inspired as well.

Click here for information on how to post activity.

We can’t wait to see what you have planned!