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Liberian Children use radio to advocate for their rights


by Adolphus Scott, UNICEF Liberia

Children across Liberia celebrated this year’s ICDB as all FM Radio Stations and 20 Community Radio Stations provided opportunity to the children to air their views and advocate on the issues that affect them.

“Kids you are coming on next right after this music,” says Patrick Okai one of the radio producers at the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Radio. “Who’s doing the news update in this final segment? We need to wrap up guys we are at the end of this program.”

“It is me,” Yei Danlette Suah 16 years, one of the child broadcasters dressed in her blue T–shirt with the inscription “Tune in to Kids” on the front. With her neatly written script, and earphones on her ears, Yei went on to read the UNMIL Radio news.”


Youth in Cameroon learn video reporting for the ICDB


Broadcasting organization Ydé Cameroon first participated in the ICDB in 2007.  Alex Kotna, President of the Youth TV Assocation at Ydé Cameroon, recently wrote to us with a follow-up to their ICDB activities this year:

“We organised workshops for secondary school students, working with the news clubs to teach video reporting. At the end the students produced two videos reports. I also hope our national television will show the youth video reports on Sunday in their great live programm which is called Tam Tam Weekend.”

Télévision Togolaise’s “A Planet for Us” highlights children’s rights on the ICDB


On this year’s ICDB, Télévision Togolaise’s children’s program, A Nous La Planete (A Planet for Us), aired stories that focused attention on children living on the streets who have little or no access to basic rights like food and education. Télévision Togolaise won an ICDB regional award last year. We received this summary from UNICEF Togo’s Essi Fafa Soulé. (more…)

ICDB celebration sparks new collaborations for Radijojo


An exciting outcome of broadcasters all over the world celebrating the ICDB is the collaboration across national and cultural boundaries spearheaded by Radijojo, the first international children’s radio program. In the wake of their five-hour-long ICDB programming on 7 March, including the shows “A Journey through Africa,” and “This is Europe,” we received this enthusiastic update from Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief. (more…)

Committing to children’s rights on the ICDB in The Gambia


In The Gambia, local leaders, parents, teachers, media professionals, and others invested in the welfare of children gathered together with almost 200 youth to celebrate the ICDB on 7 March. The Intergenerational Dialogue forum was organized by the local organization Young People in the Media (YPM) as a way to promote children’s rights through the media. Throughout the forum, several key speeches by leaders such as Victor George from Unique FM, and Fanta Bai Secka, director of the Department of Social Welfare, confirmed The Gambia’s commitment to promoting youth voices and advocating for children’s issues in the media.

Read an article on the event in The Gambia’s newspaper Today here.

Youth tackle serious issues for the ICDB in the Democratic of Republic of Congo


Floribert Bayonga, Director of Kids News Project, shared plans for ICDB programming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

“Our organization named “Radio Tele Famille” (Voix des Enfants or Kids Voice) is a Radio and TV station by and for youth situated in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  For the ICDB, we will create a special kids news show featuring reports by young people about issues they face.  Also, we are planning a story about rape that will be submitted to you for the 2010 ICDB Awards before 15 June.  The United Nations estimates that 200,000 women and girls have been the victims of sexual violence since 1998. (more…)

Youth to take over Gambian radiowaves on the ICDB


Two-time ICDB regional award winner Gambia Television and Radio Services (GTRS) is Gambia’s only national public service broadcaster. Producer Nfansu Jamba wrote to us about their all-youth programming plans for this year’s ICDB celebration:

“I am busy training my kids on news reading in English and local languages.  I went to schools in the rural areas to record some programme materials in the local languages to be broadcast [on the ICDB]. On GTRS/Radio children will produce and present all our programs that day and no adult voice will be heard on the radio.  They are trained on how to operate our studio equipment.  Apart from that, they are also invited to the state house to ask the president about the government’s stance on the welfare of children.  The ICBD on GRTS/radio also involves a lot of activities such as a music festival and a dancing competition.”

ICDB activities in Cameroon


We’ve recently received an update from Alexandre Kotna from the Youth TV Association in Cameroon, giving us an idea of their organization’s plans for the ICDB:

“Upon the celebration of ICDB 2010, we will organise major activities including:

1- Initiating video reports by the children from journal clubs from different schools in Cameroon in 03 towns: Yaoundé, Douala  and Ngaoundéré.  The objectives are for these children to set up video reports on the rights of children with the technical backing of our association. This shall enable them to take part in different festivals.


Radijojo’s global reach for the ICDB


Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is a global media initiative that empowers youth by using the radio and the internet as tools for global learning and cultural exchange. Based in Germany, they work with schools, community radio stations, and youth organizations worldwide to produce programs by children and for children. An ICDB nominee for their program “Kids from Germany Meet Kids from the Balkans” in 2009, Radijojo also has big plans for the ICDB this year. Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief wrote to us about the details:

“Here is what Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is preparing (knock on wood…).  We have two projects cooking that we dedicate to ICDB 2010:

1. An “Afropean” children’s radio show that we create together with children in schools in Senegal, Ghana and Germany. This show will deliver a wide range aspects of life in Africa: arts, music, children’s rights, civil war and positive examples of development.  It will also include songs performed and recorded with African musicians plus interviews with artists from Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Senegal, Ghana, Kongo and Burkina Faso that the Berlin children’s radio reporters conducted during a weeklong Africa workshop in the Imme Youth Centre, Berlin. This show is dedicated to all the children in Africa and to our new friends and partners of ABC (Africa’s Best Channel) that will be launched at the ICDB in Nigeria.


African Youth Channel to Launch on the ICDB


ABC – A Pan African Children and Youth Channel will launch on 7 March 2010 (The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting) in Lagos, Nigeria. It will launch on the MiTV Platforms of radio and television and be syndicated to all Nigerian networks.

The press release says “ABC will focus on high-quality media for children and youth in Africa and the Diaspora…In keeping with the Africa Charter on Children’s Broadcasting, ABC will offer diverse programming that is relevant, positive and re-affirming: information, education and entertainment.”

In honor of the ICDB, the channel will broadcast for 24 hours on its launch and then continue forward with 6 hours of youth programming on Saturdays and Sundays.

No further news yet about the channel, specific programming and hours or availability in other markets.