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India and Togo take the 2012 ICDB Awards


Congratulations to All India Radio and Télévision Togolaise for winning the 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadasting Awards for Radio and Television, respectively.

The winners were announced on 5 December on the special edition “ICDB Awards” website.  Also honored was ATN Bangla, for its long-standing commitment to youth and television.

Read more about the winners’ programming on the Awards website.  Congratulations to all!


UNICEF Launches New ICDB Awards Site


ImageCheck out the new website for the 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.  You can read about the nominated broadcasters, their programmes and their approach to youth and media, as well as watch clips from their nominated ICDB programmes.

Winners will be announced 5 December 2011.

UNICEF Announces Regional ICDB Awards and Nominees


UNICEF is proud to announce the nominees for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards.  The awards are given by UNICEF for outstanding commitment to the ICDB by television and radio broadcasters.

This year’s nominees come from Andorra, Bangladesh, Benin, China, India, Iran, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, Togo and Uganda and represent the best work produced in 2011 for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.  The nominees each won a regional competition and now go on to compete for global honours.

The winner of the 2011 ICDB Awards will be announced by UNICEF Headquarters in New York on 5 December 2011.


300 children take part in Sierra Leone


A report from Issa Davies, Communication Officer in Sierra Leone:

A total of 13 radio stations from the four provinces in Sierra Leone, one television station and one children and youth media and musical group took part in the ICDB this year.

20 children were involved at each of the stations and media/musical group. This means 300 children took part in this year’s ICDB event in Sierra Leone.

Most of the radio programmes were talk shows comprised of children themselves, radio dramas and phone-ins. One was a musical review by the children/youth artists and there was a short television documentary.

The theme, “Girls are, Boys are…” was stretched to cover various advocacy issues on child rights, responsibilities and development such as:

  • equal opportunities and access to quality education for both boys and girls
  • every girl as well as boys should be protected from violence, child labour and exploitation
  • teenage pregnancy keeps girls away from school
  • improve children’s access to free health care services
  • boys and girls should have access to information to prevent HIV
  • we boys and girls should prevent diarrhoea by washing our hands with running water and soap before meals and after using the toilets

ICDB activity highlighted in news


Bulawayo 24 has a short story about ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) and its ICDB programming.

FOROYAA Online features a story from the National News that highlights the reactions of young people.

The Gambia Gets Government Involved


In The Gambia, the national station involved government and youth together to celebrate the ICDB. A brief report from Sally Sadie Singhateh, from the UNICEF Gambia office in Banjul:

“Concerning the Gambia, broadcast media around the country will mark this year’s event through the conduct of various advocacy activities including a national launching by the National TV, Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), which should draw high level officials from the government (i.e. Minsters and PS’s), will allow children to highlight various child rights issues affecting them.

Curious Minds Coordinator Issues a 2011 ICDB Call to Action


Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh is the coordinator of the Children and Youth in Broadcasting – Curious Minds in Ghana.  He is no stranger to the ICDB and its mission… Curious Minds and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation have won the West Africa Regional ICDB Award numerous times and in 2008, they took home the global ICDB Award for Radio.

He sent me this call to action to fellow broadcasters to urge them to participate in the ICDB 2011.  He has seen firsthand the impact the youth participation can have on children:

I had just finished talking to eleven-year old Daniel. For his age, he gave incisive responses to my questions and after everything he said, “thank you for the opportunity.” It sounded like the normal thing expected but as I looked at him I was struck by the look on his face. One of satisfaction. One that told me without words that he appreciated the chance to speak about issues that affected him. It was a rare radio opportunity for a child of his age but here he had the chance. When I asked for one important comment he had to make, he raised his head, looked at one of the posters in my office and read a line out- “What is more precious than a child?”

The ICDB is coming up!


The 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting is coming up in about 6 weeks. This year’s theme is “Girls Are… Boys Are…” and is an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are and what is expected of them as girls and boys. It’s a great chance to explore issues of gender, inclusion and equality and is also opens the doors to media outlets to take a look at what images and characters they’re putting out over the air.

Why is this important? Read one person’s perspective in this article from an Australian paper, the Sydney Morning Herald.


UNICEF Announces Nominees for 2010 ICDB Award


UNICEF is proud to announce the nominees for the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.  The winners will be announced at the ICDB Awards Ceremony on 2 November 2010 in New York.

The nominees for television include ATN Bangla (Bangladesh), Ethiopian Radio and Television Services, TV3 (Malaysia), C7 Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (SJRTV) (Mexico), SOREAD/2M (Morocco), Télévision Togolaise and UzNTT (Uzbekistan).

The nominees for radio include Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network (Germany), All India Radio, Tejarat Radio (Iran), TRAXXfm Radio Televisyen Malaysia, Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes (Mexico), Voice of Nigeria and Maputaland Community Radio Station (South Africa).

Watch clips of the nominees here.


ICDB Award Call for Submissions





UNICEF call for entries from radio and television broadcasters for the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award. The deadline for submissions for the ICDB award has been extended to 30 June 2010.

All broadcasters who participated in the 2010 ICDB this past March are encouraged to submit their programming for consideration for the annual ICDB Award.  The award will go to the broadcasters with the best programming that reflects the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting theme: All Rights All Children, and who demonstrates a overall dedication to youth-participation in media.