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UNICEF Launches New ICDB Awards Site


ImageCheck out the new website for the 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.  You can read about the nominated broadcasters, their programmes and their approach to youth and media, as well as watch clips from their nominated ICDB programmes.

Winners will be announced 5 December 2011.


UNICEF Announces Regional ICDB Awards and Nominees


UNICEF is proud to announce the nominees for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards.  The awards are given by UNICEF for outstanding commitment to the ICDB by television and radio broadcasters.

This year’s nominees come from Andorra, Bangladesh, Benin, China, India, Iran, Mexico, Nepal, South Africa, Togo and Uganda and represent the best work produced in 2011 for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.  The nominees each won a regional competition and now go on to compete for global honours.

The winner of the 2011 ICDB Awards will be announced by UNICEF Headquarters in New York on 5 December 2011.


ICDB activity highlighted in news


Bulawayo 24 has a short story about ZBC (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation) and its ICDB programming.

FOROYAA Online features a story from the National News that highlights the reactions of young people.

Mozambique Gets Children on the Air


Mozambique has had a long history of celebrating the ICDB and has year-round quality youth media presence, especially through its child-to-child radio program. Here, a report from Sébastien Taylor in the UNICEF office in Maputo:

On Sunday March 6, UNICEF Mozambique celebrated the ICDB, a day when broadcasters around the world “tune in to kids”, airing quality programming by children, for children and about children. Above all, children are allowed to be part of the programming and production process, giving them an opportunity to talk about their hopes and dreams and providing space to share information and exchange views with their peers in other parts of the world. The focus of this year’s ICDB was on issues of gender inclusion and equality, and the day also opened the doors for media channels to take a closer look at what kind of images and stereotypes they are putting on air and how children perceive them. The day was also an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are as individuals and about what is expected of them as in their societies.

Comprehensive Coverage in Zimbabwe


In Zimbabwe, the UNICEF team has engaged journalists and broadcasters in a comprehensive approach to celebrating the ICDB. Here is a report from Bertha Shoko in the UNICEF Zimbabwe office:

As preparation for the 2011 International Children’s Day (ICDB) of Broadcast and to ensure the coverage of children’s issues on this year’s ICDB, the UNICEF Zimbabwe country office/Communications Team organised a Field Visit for broadcast (radio and TV) journalists to gather stories for airing on ICDB. During the five day media tour journalists travelled to four provinces in the country to see first hand UNICEF supported programmes and their impact on the ground.

The ICDB is coming up!


The 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting is coming up in about 6 weeks. This year’s theme is “Girls Are… Boys Are…” and is an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are and what is expected of them as girls and boys. It’s a great chance to explore issues of gender, inclusion and equality and is also opens the doors to media outlets to take a look at what images and characters they’re putting out over the air.

Why is this important? Read one person’s perspective in this article from an Australian paper, the Sydney Morning Herald.


UNICEF Announces Nominees for 2010 ICDB Award


UNICEF is proud to announce the nominees for the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.  The winners will be announced at the ICDB Awards Ceremony on 2 November 2010 in New York.

The nominees for television include ATN Bangla (Bangladesh), Ethiopian Radio and Television Services, TV3 (Malaysia), C7 Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (SJRTV) (Mexico), SOREAD/2M (Morocco), Télévision Togolaise and UzNTT (Uzbekistan).

The nominees for radio include Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network (Germany), All India Radio, Tejarat Radio (Iran), TRAXXfm Radio Televisyen Malaysia, Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes (Mexico), Voice of Nigeria and Maputaland Community Radio Station (South Africa).

Watch clips of the nominees here.


ICDB Award Call for Submissions





UNICEF call for entries from radio and television broadcasters for the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award. The deadline for submissions for the ICDB award has been extended to 30 June 2010.

All broadcasters who participated in the 2010 ICDB this past March are encouraged to submit their programming for consideration for the annual ICDB Award.  The award will go to the broadcasters with the best programming that reflects the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting theme: All Rights All Children, and who demonstrates a overall dedication to youth-participation in media.

Developing Vision in South Africa


Media Magic Digest is a bi-monthly e-newsletter produced by UNICEF’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting and the Voices of Youth Media Magic project. The digest is for people interested in how young people create media around the world and aims to promote dialogue between broadcasters and young media enthusiasts.

This month’s Media Magic Digest learns more about a young photography organization as it makes giant leaps towards creating a program model that effectively integrates technical and creative skills with organic community development.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a new social development program for youth is taking students to the streets, teaching them photography skills while also raising social consciousness. Just over one year old, the Umuzi Photo Club is run entirely by a volunteer staff of dedicated teachers and organizers.

Click here to read the full story, including a youth profile with participant Thapelo Matsumi.

ICDB celebration sparks new collaborations for Radijojo


An exciting outcome of broadcasters all over the world celebrating the ICDB is the collaboration across national and cultural boundaries spearheaded by Radijojo, the first international children’s radio program. In the wake of their five-hour-long ICDB programming on 7 March, including the shows “A Journey through Africa,” and “This is Europe,” we received this enthusiastic update from Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief. (more…)