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Morocco Joins in Again


Last year, 2M Soread won the regional ICDB Award for television. UNICEF Communication officer Annis Maghri from Morocco shares their plans to repeat this year:

This year we are renewing our partnership with 2M Soread to celebrate ICDB. This 6th March, 2M is going to dedicate its programs to promote children and adolescents participation in their preparation and presentation. Breaking news and emissions will make a version for children’s rights. Programs covered are: Ajial (Generations dedicated to youth), Farid Aalam (dedicated to children and adolescents), Dar Wa Decor: (for families) and Bghit Naâraf (Youth).


India Participation Spreads Across the Country


In India, there are multiple events and programs taking place to celebrate the ICDB.

In Lucknow, the local radio station All India Radio has taken home the regional ICDB Award two years in a row. The station continues its excellent support of the ICDB initiative with a 2-hour special for this occasion. A team of producers is working with children on the theme of “Girls are…. Boys are…”. They have planned a mix of songs, radio-drama, poetry sessions, show case of talent, case studies of achievers, etc. They plan to use children as presenters, performers and participants.

Bag Network group is present in high-focus states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Through its FM radio stations called Dhamaal 24, the radio will devote over eight hours of programming by and for children on March 6. Child reporters from UNICEF’s Integrated District – East Singhbhum will come to the state capital in Ranchi and would interact and share their views on the issues affecting children in a workshop jointly organized by Radio Dhamal 24 and UNICEF. Thereafter, the children would be taken to the studio where the adolescents will interact with the radio jockey and will speak on the issues directly impacting them.

Comprehensive Coverage in Zimbabwe


In Zimbabwe, the UNICEF team has engaged journalists and broadcasters in a comprehensive approach to celebrating the ICDB. Here is a report from Bertha Shoko in the UNICEF Zimbabwe office:

As preparation for the 2011 International Children’s Day (ICDB) of Broadcast and to ensure the coverage of children’s issues on this year’s ICDB, the UNICEF Zimbabwe country office/Communications Team organised a Field Visit for broadcast (radio and TV) journalists to gather stories for airing on ICDB. During the five day media tour journalists travelled to four provinces in the country to see first hand UNICEF supported programmes and their impact on the ground.

The Gambia Gets Government Involved


In The Gambia, the national station involved government and youth together to celebrate the ICDB. A brief report from Sally Sadie Singhateh, from the UNICEF Gambia office in Banjul:

“Concerning the Gambia, broadcast media around the country will mark this year’s event through the conduct of various advocacy activities including a national launching by the National TV, Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), which should draw high level officials from the government (i.e. Minsters and PS’s), will allow children to highlight various child rights issues affecting them.

ICDB Audio and Video Materials Now Available


UNICEF has collected a variety of audio and video materials that you may want to use for your ICDB broadcasts.  All materials is free of charge for usage on 6 March 2011 and is available on our digital media site for download.

The collection includes audio diaries produced by young reporters, a selection of oneminutesjr. videos, short form video pieces on girls’ opinions in Syria and Liberia and a selection of animation Meena and Sara episodes.

If you would like to receive the link to download these materials, please email me at

African Broadcasters win ICDB Awards


2010 ICDB Award winners from Maputaland Community Radio Station and Télévision Togolaise. © UNICEF/NYHQ2010-2413/Markisz

UNICEF awarded the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to Télévision Togolaise (TVT), Voice of Nigeria and Maputaland Community Radio Station at its annual ICDB Awards Ceremony in New York.

Télévision Togolaise, the national broadcaster of Togo, won the television global ICDB Award for its weekly program “A Nous la Planete.” The  program, hosted by young people, features debates and reports dealing with children’s rights issues.  The episode broadcast on the ICDB focused on street children and working youth.

Voice of Nigeria and Maputaland Community Radio Station tied for the radio global ICDB Award.  Voice of Nigeria, the official international broadcasting station in Nigeria, took the prize for its weekly program, “Kiddies Voices,” a magazine show broadcast “from the children to the children.” The ICDB edition focused on raising awareness around children’s rights issues, especially child trafficking and exploitation.

Youth win 2010 Oneminutesjr. Awards


Carlon Knight during 2009 oneminutejsr. workshop.

17-year-old Carlon Knight of Antigua didn’t have to think hard to decide on the topic for the film he was making at the oneminutesjr. Barbados workshop back in 2009.  He wanted to focus on the problem of absent fathers, an issue that affects many young people in his community.  “The role of the father is not emphasized. A lot of fathers tend not to be there through the entirety of their child’s life. In order for a child to grow up in a normal healthy environment, both parents need to be present and active in the child’s life,” explained Carlon.  His film, “Dear Dad,” features a poem written by a boy to his father.

His strong viewpoint turned out to be a winning one.   “Dear Dad” has just won one of three OneMinutesJr. Awards given by the One Minutes Foundation and UNICEF.  The awards are given in three categories – (Self)-Portrait, Inside Out and One Minute of Freedom.  “Dear Dad” won the (Self)-Portrait category, sharing honors with “I Am Alone Now” by Ruth Henry (17, Barbados) in the Inside Out category and  “On the Last Drop” by Tolib Homitov (Tajikistan) for the category of One Minute of Freedom.

UNICEF Announces Nominees for 2010 ICDB Award


UNICEF is proud to announce the nominees for the 2010 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Awards.  The winners will be announced at the ICDB Awards Ceremony on 2 November 2010 in New York.

The nominees for television include ATN Bangla (Bangladesh), Ethiopian Radio and Television Services, TV3 (Malaysia), C7 Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (SJRTV) (Mexico), SOREAD/2M (Morocco), Télévision Togolaise and UzNTT (Uzbekistan).

The nominees for radio include Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network (Germany), All India Radio, Tejarat Radio (Iran), TRAXXfm Radio Televisyen Malaysia, Radio y Televisión de Aguascalientes (Mexico), Voice of Nigeria and Maputaland Community Radio Station (South Africa).

Watch clips of the nominees here.


Liberian Children use radio to advocate for their rights


by Adolphus Scott, UNICEF Liberia

Children across Liberia celebrated this year’s ICDB as all FM Radio Stations and 20 Community Radio Stations provided opportunity to the children to air their views and advocate on the issues that affect them.

“Kids you are coming on next right after this music,” says Patrick Okai one of the radio producers at the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Radio. “Who’s doing the news update in this final segment? We need to wrap up guys we are at the end of this program.”

“It is me,” Yei Danlette Suah 16 years, one of the child broadcasters dressed in her blue T–shirt with the inscription “Tune in to Kids” on the front. With her neatly written script, and earphones on her ears, Yei went on to read the UNMIL Radio news.”

Youth in Cameroon learn video reporting for the ICDB


Broadcasting organization Ydé Cameroon first participated in the ICDB in 2007.  Alex Kotna, President of the Youth TV Assocation at Ydé Cameroon, recently wrote to us with a follow-up to their ICDB activities this year:

“We organised workshops for secondary school students, working with the news clubs to teach video reporting. At the end the students produced two videos reports. I also hope our national television will show the youth video reports on Sunday in their great live programm which is called Tam Tam Weekend.”