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All India Radio’s youth-focused programming


Producer Archana Prasad from All India Radio, an ICDB award nominee in 2009, wrote to us about their ongoing programming that aims to raise awareness around children’s rights.

“I have been deeply involved in a radio project dealing in gender bias, female infanticide and female foeticide. I have produced a state hook up program on gender equality.  We will surely celebrate the ICDB this year. It is the duty and responsibility of our society as a whole to provide:



Radijojo’s global reach for the ICDB


Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is a global media initiative that empowers youth by using the radio and the internet as tools for global learning and cultural exchange. Based in Germany, they work with schools, community radio stations, and youth organizations worldwide to produce programs by children and for children. An ICDB nominee for their program “Kids from Germany Meet Kids from the Balkans” in 2009, Radijojo also has big plans for the ICDB this year. Thomas Röhlinger, Radijojo’s Editor-in-Chief wrote to us about the details:

“Here is what Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network is preparing (knock on wood…).  We have two projects cooking that we dedicate to ICDB 2010:

1. An “Afropean” children’s radio show that we create together with children in schools in Senegal, Ghana and Germany. This show will deliver a wide range aspects of life in Africa: arts, music, children’s rights, civil war and positive examples of development.  It will also include songs performed and recorded with African musicians plus interviews with artists from Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Senegal, Ghana, Kongo and Burkina Faso that the Berlin children’s radio reporters conducted during a weeklong Africa workshop in the Imme Youth Centre, Berlin. This show is dedicated to all the children in Africa and to our new friends and partners of ABC (Africa’s Best Channel) that will be launched at the ICDB in Nigeria.


Rádio Justiça’s inspired plans for ICDB 2010


Rádio Justiça is the innovative public radio station of the Brazilian Supreme Court that works to teach ideas around children’s rights, respect, and peace to both youth and adults.  Winner of the 2009 ICDB award in radio, Rádio Justiça has big plans for this year’s ICDB. Coordinator Madeleine Lacsko wrote to us about Rádio Justiça’s program, inspired by Marianne McCune of New York-WNYC’s Radio Rookies, who gave a presentation about her work at last year’s ICDB award ceremony events.

“This year, we’re mixing something [like Radio Rookies] with a nation-wide school project.

The really awesome thing about the award is that we don’t need to spend daily hours convincing people that the Supreme Court can deal with children and cares about them. Now people call me asking how they can help this year.


TRAXXfm in Malaysia trains youth DJs and producers


Rohani Harithuddin, station manager for TRAXXfm radio station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shares their upcoming plans for the ICDB 2010 celebration on 7 March. An ICDB 2009 award nominee, TRAXXfm airs programming that caters to a younger audience from 10pm onwards. After participating in the ICDB awards events in New York last year, Harithuddin returned to  Kuala Lumpur with ideas on how to deepen her station’s approach to youth programs and how to get young people  involved in production. We are excited to hear the results of their planning!

“TRAXXfm is participating in the ICDB again this year. As planned, the station is embarking on a road tour beginning the 19th February. During the tour we will be conducting radio DJ workshops for children! We would like to explore what things that they think a lot about and would want everybody to know. This time, all of the aspects of the production will be done by the children themselves.”

To learn more, visit TRAXXfm’s website:

Curious Minds Still Curious in Ghana


The Curious Minds show on Ghana National Broadcasting (GNB) is an excellent example of getting youth not only involved in media but at the forefront of broadcasting. The station has been nominated two years in a row for the ICDB Awards and won the global ICDB Award in 2008.

Producer Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh updates us on their lead up and plans for the 2010 ICDB in Ghana.

“Earlier on in January, we started the preparatory process with a series of interviews of a number of children in some of the deprived communities in Accra in relation to what they thought about their rights.


Join the ICDB on 7 March 2010


On 7 March 2010, we invite radio and television broadcasters to celebrate the ICDB and highlight programming by, for and about children.  The theme is “All Rights All Children.”

As the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) marks its 20th anniversary, UNICEF highlights the rights that all children deserve.  Whether it is a quality education or a safe home, adequate food and drinking water or the ability to participate in society, children should get what they need to become strong members of society.

How do young people find out about their rights and responsibilities? Today, media is one of the most widely recognized ways to reach young people.  Broadcasters have the responsibility to highlight issues that face children and to open young people’s eyes to opportunities and rights that may not be known to them.

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) was created to give exposure to issues of children’s rights.  Over the years, it has also has become a day of celebrating young people in the media.


ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting


UNICEF welcomed representatives of all 12 broadcasters nominated for the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to New York this week to celebrate their work, partake in a seminar on children’s broadcasting and youth media, and attend the 2009 ICDB Awards ceremony.

VIDEO: Watch now

Attendees at the ceremony, held last night at The Modern restaurant in mid-Manhattan, came from around the world – from television and radio stations, youth media groups and non-governmental organizations. Host SuChin Pak of MTV News congratulated the broadcasters for powerfully and positively affecting young lives.

The annual awards are given to broadcasters who support ICDB, a day set aside each year to encourage young people to get involved in television and radio broadcasting. ICDB 2009 took place in March of this year under the theme, ‘Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids.’

To read the full story, click here.

Call for entries for the 2009 ICDB Awards in TV and Radio!



Every year, UNICEF awards broadcasters in television and radio with the best programming that reflects the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting theme, and who also demonstrates an overall dedication to youth-participation in media. This year’s theme, Unite for Children – Tune in to Kids, opened up possibilities for a wide range of programming and activities for broadcasters around the world.

If you participated in this year’s ICDB, we invite you to submit your program to compete for both regional and global recognition.  Please visit for application materials, and to view examples of last year’s winners, including Ghana’s Curious Minds Radio Program, and China Central Television’s hour-long documentary, On the Way.  The deadline to submit to the UNICEF office in your region is 15 June 2009. We are excited to see your work!

For No Apto Para Adultos in Peru, the ICDB is a daily goal


From Bernardo Caceres, whose show NAPA TV celebrates the spirit of the ICDB every week:

Communication is a fundamental process in social life. Thanks to communication processes human groups share goals and organize to achieve them. Through communication processes we advance history, define the future. Is there anything more important in communications to work to make the world a better place for the next generations? For us at the weekly Not Suitable for Adults (, which won the regional ICDB award in 2008, it is difficult to imagine anything more important. In our work each week to inform and to bring Peruvian adolescents communication and media skills, we work for positive change and a better world for the new generation.

For us this is a commitment that goes beyond one day a year, and it is a privilege that we owe to the opportunity created in Peru and now in 6 countries in the world, the Kids Network News Network (KNN), promoted by the Dutch organization Free Voice.

The challenge is huge. The new generation is submerged in a culture imposed from the centers of economic power worldwide. The media tries to convince them that only material enjoyment individual gives meaning to life, and to obtain these material goods you must live with indifference and in complicity of the destruction and unsustainable exploitation of resources of the planet.

But in young people rebellion is still alive, and our commitment is to strengthen them. We provide them information and security to confront the older generations, creating a more harmonious world with conscientiousness and compassion towards people and the planet.


Strong Plans in Uganda


An update from Michael Wangusa, UNICEF Uganda:

Over 50 of the about 120 broadcast stations in Uganda have so far confirmed participation in the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on Sunday, 1 March 2009. Many of them are busy with preparations and some of them have already kicked off the celebrations by giving children an opportunity to speak out on their stations in various ways. Some stations  have already began running promotional spots about the ICDB programs that they plan to broadcast, which include talk shows, debates and quizzes among others.

The participating stations have written to me informing of the exact time when their ICDB programs will be aired. We have put in place a monitoring mechanism, which involves District Information Officers (DIOS) in selected districts, who will be listening in to and making comments on ICDB programs on stations in their areas. DIOs are local government officials. Officials from our implementing partner organization the National Council for Children (NCC), which is a government organization, will also be monitoring the programs. Staff members from UNICEF Uganda’s Communication Section will also be listening in to and watching the programs.

We have arranged to have ICDB posters and T Shirts sent out to the participating stations. The T-Shirts have the ICDB, Tune in to Kids, UNICEF and NCC logos. The T-shirts are for the children and two adult producers/presenters, who will participate in the ICDB programs. The posters will help with some local publicity. We will also have some articles written about the ICDB in the two national dailies and we will be issuing a press release next week. We have asked participating stations to take photos of the children in their colorful T-shirts during the ICDB shows, and if possible do short videos as well. We shall also be taking some of photo ourselves and are making our own documentary as well. After that the photos and videos will be availed to the media for publicity.

We have requested the participating stations to ensure that we receive their entries within to two weeks of the ICDB, by 15 March 2009. After that groups of panels of children from various parts of the country will judge the entries and we plan to complete the judging process by the end of April. We intend to have our ICDB national awards ceremony before June 15. We plan to enter the winners of the ICDB national competition in Uganda into the ICDB global competition this year.