Pakistan Widely Celebrates the ICDB


Mishal is on air at a radio station during International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB).

This March, UNICEF Pakistan organized a country-wide celebration of the ICDB by getting multiple broadcasters on board to allow children not only to be directly involved in radio and television programming, production and presentation, but to give voice to their hopes and dreams and share experiences with their peers.

The ICDB theme for 2012 in Pakistan was ‘Every Child in School’.  This theme is at the heart of a strong campaign that UNICEF PCO has launched to get all out-of-school children enrolled. and encouraged them to brand the day and produce special programmes with children.

UNICEF approached 12 major broadcasters, visited their offices and shared some key messages and statistical information on the state of education in Pakistan, especially, about children out of school – 25 million. All 12 broadcasters responded to their request and produced special programmes for the ICDB focusing on the theme.

Participating broadcasters included Pakistan Television (PTV Home/World), Geo TV, Dawn News, Express News, Indus TV, Aaj TV, Samaa TV, Dunya TV, Radio Pakistan, FM 89, FM 100, FM 107 and FM 91.

Geo TV featured a special news bulletin two times during the day with children as anchors, followed by a special news report by children. These packages and stories primarily focused on children reporting from all over Pakistan, including all major Urban and Rural centres. The children reported from their schools and neighbourhoods, with a focus on education and schools.

Radio FM 91 called it a “Day Dedicated to the Future” and aired continuous hours of ICDB-related programming, including an interview with UNICEF’s Communication Officer Sami Malik and Silver Bullet with RJ Beenish.

Samaa TV aired a special news bulletin three times over the course of the day on ‘Every Child in School,’ presented by children as news anchors.  The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation produced and aired a special broadcast on “Every Child in School” that featured an overall situational analysis of the state of education in Pakistan and views by people.

Dawn TV aired a newscast presented by children, which also included 14 brief packages (2 to 3 minutes) recorded in various cities with children.  On Express News, Taleem – Har bache ka aaeeni haq, a special ICDB in-studio programme, featured participants including a female teacher running a shelter-less school, a public school teacher and children. Indus TV presented an in-studio live programme called Children’s Special with participation from children from various schools in Karachi and children living on streets.

Pakistan Television aired Ghar ki Baat – ICDB special: A discussion on Every Child in School and Aaj TV, FM 101 and FM 89 all had special ICDB programmes for the day.


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