UNICEF Ends Global ICDB but Encourages Broadcasters to Keep the Spirit Alive


In 2011, UNICEF marked the 20th Anniversary of its International Children’s Day of Broadcasting initiative.  The initiative, which began as a way to get broadcasters to devote airtime to children’s issues, has grown over the years to become a celebration of young people’s participation in the media.  Along the way, it has inspired the development of quality children’s programming, regularly-programmed youth-led television and radio shows and a multitude of special events.  We have seen it embraced by both high-level private stations to public broadcasters in the smallest of countries.

Today we celebrate what the initiative has been able to accomplish and announce the end of this wonderful ICDB initiative.  From the feedback we’ve received, it is clear that the ICDB has accomplished its goals of getting better quality programming and a dedication from broadcasters to devote more attention to young people.  At this stage, with the shift in the media landscape and the excellent developments that the ICDB has produced, it makes sense to declare the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting a success.

While UNICEF will no longer be coordinating a day or providing a global theme, we encourage broadcasters to continue engaging young people in similar ways, not just on one token day but throughout the year.   If the ICDB has been a success in your country, please continue to celebrate it in a way that makes sense to your situation, choosing a theme or subject that resonates for your community.

Many broadcasters have shared plans for exciting new youth/media participation projects.  Please continue to share details of these initiatives, as we plan to highlight and share these projects and their outcomes and products with the larger UNICEF community.  And that includes continuing this blog as a source of inspiration.  You can send updates to kcirillo at unicef.org

Thank you for all of your support, creativity and dedication to increasing the participation of youth in media and the improvement of media for children.  It has been wonderful to see the diverse manifestations of the ICDB over the years and we are so pleased to be ending this initiative on a positive and successful note.

Karen Cirillo
Executive Producer, Children’s Broadcasting Initiatives


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