Small country, big voices


A report from Hèctor Encuentra, of UNICEF Andorra:

This year, Radio Ser Andorra joined in the ICDB initiative.

Radio Ser Andorra not only participated during the ICDB but also makes a space for youth throughout the year.

Radio Ser Andorra is a national radio belonging to the international “Prisa Media Group” and has a daily magazine called “l’Hora L”  (the L Hour) presented and directed by Esther Pons.  On this magazine show, every Tuesday a group of youths of Andorra aged between 15 to 20 have their own space called “Ik +” (“And, what’s more…”).

This youth space is about current issues that young people consider important and is a place where they can exercise their right to express their views and be heard. Young people in the program get to interview professionals, technicians, politicians, etc… of Andorra.  The youth ask questions, share opinions and interact, which enables them to form a clear view and objective of the issues that concern them.

During the special ICDB episode, the youth discussed the theme of the ICDB (Girls Are… Boys Are…) and also talked about adolescence, which was the subject of this year’s State of World’s Children report.

The youth participants and the radio station plan to present this Magazine to the ICDB awards so that they can show to all the youth of the world that “young people of a little country like Andorra also have voice”.


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