300 children take part in Sierra Leone


A report from Issa Davies, Communication Officer in Sierra Leone:

A total of 13 radio stations from the four provinces in Sierra Leone, one television station and one children and youth media and musical group took part in the ICDB this year.

20 children were involved at each of the stations and media/musical group. This means 300 children took part in this year’s ICDB event in Sierra Leone.

Most of the radio programmes were talk shows comprised of children themselves, radio dramas and phone-ins. One was a musical review by the children/youth artists and there was a short television documentary.

The theme, “Girls are, Boys are…” was stretched to cover various advocacy issues on child rights, responsibilities and development such as:

  • equal opportunities and access to quality education for both boys and girls
  • every girl as well as boys should be protected from violence, child labour and exploitation
  • teenage pregnancy keeps girls away from school
  • improve children’s access to free health care services
  • boys and girls should have access to information to prevent HIV
  • we boys and girls should prevent diarrhoea by washing our hands with running water and soap before meals and after using the toilets

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