Mozambique Gets Children on the Air


Mozambique has had a long history of celebrating the ICDB and has year-round quality youth media presence, especially through its child-to-child radio program. Here, a report from Sébastien Taylor in the UNICEF office in Maputo:

On Sunday March 6, UNICEF Mozambique celebrated the ICDB, a day when broadcasters around the world “tune in to kids”, airing quality programming by children, for children and about children. Above all, children are allowed to be part of the programming and production process, giving them an opportunity to talk about their hopes and dreams and providing space to share information and exchange views with their peers in other parts of the world. The focus of this year’s ICDB was on issues of gender inclusion and equality, and the day also opened the doors for media channels to take a closer look at what kind of images and stereotypes they are putting on air and how children perceive them. The day was also an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are as individuals and about what is expected of them as in their societies.

In Mozambique, TVM and Radio Mozambique led the way on Sunday between 8:00 – 9:00 am with children producers introducing, discussing and promoting articles 12, 13 and 17 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child through child-to-child animated debates and radio dramas, in-line with this year’s theme “Girls are… Boys are…,” interpreted by children and aiming at promoting education for girls. The children also held a conversation between a child-producer, local clown “Xexe Bolinha” and a UNICEF program communication officer to talk about the different objectives and the meaning of the ICDB but also trying to understand better this year’s theme “Girls are…boys are.” Moreover, “Xexe Bolinha” also went out in the streets to give voice to primary school children, allowing them to express their opinions and leave short messages linked to this particular date. Several programs and special broadcasts were also organized in all Mozambique’s provinces. The day reached its climax as all the children involved in the production and organization of the day gathered to sing along.


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