UNICEF Niger partners with local media


UNICEF Niger partnered with local media on a variety of initiatives. For ICBD 2011, many local radios – including three in Tillabéry, two in Maradi, and two in Zinder – welcomed youth and children to talk about their daily challenges and opportunities as young citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

In the capital Niamey, Television Ténéré, a private media broadcast nationwide children’s messages on a daily basis; in these messages, children talk about their daily struggles at school, at home, and in their communities. They also urge political leaders to act for the betterment of living conditions for children; political leaders have been receptive: both candidates for the second tour of the presidential election which will take place on March 12th in Niger, have signed the “Children’s Declaration” and have committed to act once elected.

On March 6, a young Nigerien woman aged 18 co-presented “la Grande Edition du Journal” on Television Ténéré and used her presence to remind leaders six days before the last steep of Niger’s general elections of the commitments they have made vis-à-vis their rights. She also called on national and local media to incorporate children’s perspectives in their daily work by inviting them and listening to what they have to say.


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