Mexican children express their opinions


In Mexico, Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión (C7) tuned in to kids with a special program celebrating the ICDB. The production was called “Pink or Blue?” and was a one-hour live broadcast from the Metropolitan Park in Guadalajara. During the broadcast, children were asked about their opinions about the roles of men and women, how we can change the opinions that women can’t do everything men can and vice versa.

For several weeks children were also trained as cameramen and floor managers, provided their knowledge and ideas for implementing the program and were ready to go on air and share in the important ICDB program.

Jalisco Radio did the same with the central theme of its program, “Girls are… Boys Are…” and the broadcasters and reporters made great efforts. The program aired in the space usually devoted to children call it “BARRA INFANTIL.” Children know and love this program that airs regularly on Sunday through XEJB radio stations in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Ciudad Guzman from 9 in the morning.

Both programs also aired online at


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