Across Pakistan, Broadcasters Represent


In Pakistan, there has been a long history of participation, since 2003. This year, numerous radio and television broadcasters celebrated the ICDB in different ways.

On Pakistan Television, the regular morning show “Subh-e-Naw” was branded as a special (pre-recorded) programme for ICDB with children who have experience in broadcasting. Dawn News TV broadast a special News bulletin produced and anchored by children during every top-of-the- hour news. Express News had a special bulletin focusing success stories of children. Aaj TV aired an ICDB-special documentary entitled “Baligh Bachee,” with focus on street children, and created special news packages and one minute fillers on the ICDB. On Geo TV, regular programmes “Khabarnak” and “Geo Dost” had an ICDB flavour with child participation.

Radio stations also did their part to celebrate. FM 89 aired a special, live ICDB programme with children (2 boys and 2 girls) and RJ Ves Malik. Apna Karachi FM 107 also had a special live programme with children and FM 100 aired two special ICDB music programmes with children and RJ Hina.


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