Youth Media Guyana Creates Special Program


In Guyana, the organization Youth Media Guyana has produced a special program highlighting the ICDB theme. While this presentation will be broadcast on local television stations, all broadcasters in Guyana have been informed of the observance and this year’s theme and will be doing individual programmes to reflect same. Here are more details about the YMG program, from Andrea Bryant, coordinator of YMG:

Youth Media Guyana will be producing a special 30 minute TV production that examines the theme from a youth perspective. “Boys are… Girls are…” fits perfectly with a Guyanese childhood hand game that goes like this:

“Boys are rotten made out of cotton,
Girls are sexy made out of Pepsi.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupiter,
Girls go to Mars to be superstars.”

We hope to examine this early socialization as the adolescents share their views on gender roles in society and how they see themselves as boys and girls.

Also as 2011 marks the UN International Year for People of African Descent we plan to profile a talented child drummer of african descent which is part of the tapestry of the Guyanese culture.


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