Radijojo joins ICDB


Thomas Röhlinger, Founder & Editor in Chief of Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network, shares the stations plan to engage the global voices of girls and boys:

Greetings from Berlin, dear friends of the ICDB movement!

From Argentina to Afghanistan, from Russia to the Colombia, from Germany to Uganda, from Chile to Russia: Girls and boys of all age groups from across the globe come together for this years Radijojo’s ICDB entry.

The young radio talents will share their views and experiences with their peers worldwide, to raise awareness for the diversity of cultures and lifestiles they present, for the many things all children have in common – and for the pressing needs of so many children worldwide that are still unmet.

As always, every non-commercial radio station, school, kids club and family worldwide is invited to enjoy and share our productions for educational purposes – and pure fun.

Aaaaaand: all of you dear friends of the ICDB movement and all of you kids out there across our blue planet: you are invited to send your audios on gender and girls/boys issues to our World Children’s Radio Headquarters in Berlin at any time!

In partnership with the World Association of Community Radios (AMARC), we will put them together, now and in the future, to truly global radio shows and podcasts for you:
about how girls are – and boys are…..

So, our entry is meant to be not only a one-day-project but to start a whole global movement, to use educational broadcasting media by kids for kids as a tool to fight for gender equality, respect and understanding between girls, boys – and adults – as crucial part of the children’s rights.
Join in! :o)

Hooooooorrrrraaaaayyyy for ICDB!


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