The Gambia Gets Government Involved


In The Gambia, the national station involved government and youth together to celebrate the ICDB. A brief report from Sally Sadie Singhateh, from the UNICEF Gambia office in Banjul:

“Concerning the Gambia, broadcast media around the country will mark this year’s event through the conduct of various advocacy activities including a national launching by the National TV, Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), which should draw high level officials from the government (i.e. Minsters and PS’s), will allow children to highlight various child rights issues affecting them.

GRTS will also work with children to conduct interviews with the Head of State, other key government and national assembly members, CSOs and individuals active in the promotion of children’s rights, and the UNICEF country officers-in-charge. Another partner, the Young People in the Media, will hold an Intergenerational Dialogue as one of its activities to promote open dialogue between adults and young people (duty bearers and rights holders) on pertinent issues such as Education, Child Protection, Child Labour, Child health, and Cultural practices (esp. early marriage), to name a few, in connection with the theme. Much of the programmes from the various broadcasters will be similar, as the children working with each of them will take over the news; hold panel discussions, phone-in discussions, and live interviews; moderate entertainment programs; and coordinate and facilitate other daily programs typical to the respective broadcasters, among other activities.


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