Afghan Radio Station Joins In


Radio Arakozia is broadcasting in over 11 southern / eastern Pashtu speaking provinces in Afghanistan, including some of the most war-torn and/or remote areas. It provides daily programming on current affairs, local governance, business, and culture to 1-2 million Pashtun listeners, and the success of the various phone-in shows proves its popularity.

This radio station is planning to broadcast a special one hour show on the ICDB.

According to the information sent by the station to UNICEF Afghanistan, “The one hour show will be a 45-minute recorded feature with all child presenters and guests, where groups of boys and girls will play some games separately. They will then stop and discuss: why can’t they play some of these games together? Then they will do just that. Following this, there will be a 15-minute live phone-in for children to discuss on air the differences between girls and boys, why they haven’t played together in the past and whether / how they should do so. The aim is to promote ideas of gender equality among children – that boys and girls are different but they should still ‘play’ by the same ‘rules’ and can still do many of the same things. As well as this, we will broadcast various other children’s shows for the day.”


One Response to “Afghan Radio Station Joins In”

  1. Thomas Röhlinger Says:

    Hello Radio Arakozia!
    Great job!

    As always, please feel invited to share the show with Radijojo World Children’s Radio and let us think about how we can increase ICDB’s impact with common follow-up projects!

    Thomas Röhlinger
    Founder & Editor in Chief
    Radijojo World Children’s Radio
    Berlin, Germany

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