The ICDB is coming up!


The 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting is coming up in about 6 weeks. This year’s theme is “Girls Are… Boys Are…” and is an opportunity for girls and boys to talk about who they are and what is expected of them as girls and boys. It’s a great chance to explore issues of gender, inclusion and equality and is also opens the doors to media outlets to take a look at what images and characters they’re putting out over the air.

Why is this important? Read one person’s perspective in this article from an Australian paper, the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here is the description of this year’s theme from our annual brochure:


What does it mean to be a girl?  A boy?  Are there innate behaviours, abilities or interests that go along with being a boy or a girl?  Are there things boys or girls can’t or aren’t allowed to do because of their gender?  Do theyboth have the same opportunities in life?

Around the world, men and women have different roles in society.  Adolescence is a time of change as girls and boys shift into adulthood and are faced with fitting into gender roles. It’s important for young people to see and hear their peers expressing who they are and what being a girl or boy means to them.

The ICDB provides a platform to discover youth opinions, see their perspectives and listen to their stories.  There is no “one” answer to what it means to be a girl or boy.  When youth see others in different roles, with different dreams, it is an inspiration.

Broadcasters can create special programming for the day or package existing programming as a marathon ICDB event. UNICEF can provide logos, graphics, spots and short programming to help shape and brand ICDB specials.

Join UNICEF on 6 March 2011 in celebrating the 2011 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting! The success of the ICDB hinges on the support of broadcasters and the participation of children.


As ever year, we’d love to hear what you have planned for this year’s ICDB.

Send me an email at to tell me about your plans and we’ll post them on the blog.


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