Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan focuses on children’s rights for the ICDB


The Saba Media Organization (SMO)’s Saba TV in Kabul, Afghanistan has celebrated the ICDB this year by producing a 26-minute long children’s program. We received this description of the show from Taj Mohammad Bassiry:

“Khabarak (Children’s News) is a program that represents different problems of Afghan kids in almost every aspect of their life. This program consists of nine parts. In the first section it talks about those kids that have to work and earn money rather than studying because their parents can’t work due to different reasons. 

Secondly, some kids perform jobs that are even more than their ability. In other words, they perform very hard and difficult jobs. The third section talks about the problems of kids that study in tents, don’t have enough material for studying and are facing other different difficulties. The fourth is about those parents who force their kids to sit on roadsides and beg for money in bad conditions. For example, some of them take off their clothes in order for other people to take pity on them and give them money. The fifth section is about kids living in cold places such as tents without any equipment to heat their homes. The sixth section talks about poor kids describing their jobs and saying why they are working. The seventh section is about the reasons why some parents allow their boys to go to school but not their girls. The eighth section is about “kids wants from the Government” and finally the ninth section describes “kids wishes for their future.”

In the overall program we have directly talked with those kids who really had such problems and had taken those voices to higher authorities such as the Director of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (Sema Samar) and the Director of Publication & Information (Asif Nang) and discussed ways how to solve their problems.”


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