Bhopal marks ICDB, children anchor programmes and share aspirations


From Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist at the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh:

“Pappi is a nine-year-old student from class 3 in Bhopal along with Shahrukh, Rehnuma, and Aashi. They were speaking for the first time on air from All India Radio Station in Bhopal. These kids participated in various programmes produced to mark the 2010 International Children Day of Broadcasting.  In partnership with the UNICEF office for Madhya Pradesh, All India Radio produced and aired various radio programmes like Chintan, Krishi Charcha, Godhuli (a film-based programme), Bal Sabha and Bacchon ki Pasand ke geet. All these programmes were hosted by children. School children from Bhopal and children associated with the NGO Aarambh participated in the same. 

 Doordarshan Station aired a special programme wherein child reporters of Dalit Sangh, an NGO in Hoshangabad, expressed their views on child rights and their aspirations. This initiative of child reporters is supported by UNICEF.

Simiarly the BTV (Bhaskar Group), a Bhopal-based electronic channel, invited children to the studio to talk about their views and aspirations on child rights with reference to education and corporal punishment. It was for the first time that B TV had marked this day.”


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One Response to “Bhopal marks ICDB, children anchor programmes and share aspirations”

  1. Thomas Röhlinger, Editor in Chief Says:

    Dear friends and ICDB colleagues, would you like to share some of your audios with the Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network ? In exchange, would you like to have a 60.00 show of kids in Mumbay and the German town of Leverkusen? Its the first radio bridge for kids by kids between our countries, from what we know:

    The show is in German, but we could deliver an English script so that you can do an overvoicing in your local languages.

    This is also an cooperation offer for the future, including nice little timeless things from kids by kids from the archives.

    Thomas Röhlinger, Editor-in-Chief
    Nicole Wilden, Project Manager Asia
    Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network

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