Uzbekistan Enters the ICDB Community


Uzbekistan will be marking the International Children’s Day, 7 March, 2010 for the first time with programmes produced with and by children and young people. One Radio and two TV channels have produced special programmes with and focusing on children. All programmes are produced in Uzbek.

1. Uzbek Radio, one of the national radio channels, will air “Osmir” (adolescents), featuring Ms Shakhnoza Ganieva, Head of Legal Department of the Republican Centre for Social Adaptation being interviewed by children about child rights and national legislation.

2. NTT TV Channel, which has a network of 20 provincial channels, will have a wide coverage in the regions.
– It will air a special ICDB spot in the lead up to the day.
– A short programme on ICDB (curtain raiser) will be shown on the morning of 7 March.

– 9 video spots on child rights will be on air starting from tomorrow for a few days (right to have a supportive family environment, right to play, study, right to be heard, rights of children with disability.) The 9 spots will be aired 5 times each on ICDB.
– 2 short films produced by children will be shown that feature the rights of children with disability and the right to supportive family environment.
– It will present a talk show with participation of 40 children from Youth Parliament, activists, members of committees and NGOs. The main theme of the discussion will be children’s participation in society.
-The audience will also discuss the issue of inclusive education (two stories about children with disability will be shown).
– News bulletins produced and read by young anchors will be broadcast 3 times on 7 March.

3. National TV Sports Channel will air the program “Bolalar Maydonchasi” about the children involved in sports.


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