All India Radio’s youth-focused programming


Producer Archana Prasad from All India Radio, an ICDB award nominee in 2009, wrote to us about their ongoing programming that aims to raise awareness around children’s rights.

“I have been deeply involved in a radio project dealing in gender bias, female infanticide and female foeticide. I have produced a state hook up program on gender equality.  We will surely celebrate the ICDB this year. It is the duty and responsibility of our society as a whole to provide:

H—(good) Health
I —(separate) Identity

When every child achieves this — only then we can think about our bright future.  At present I am looking after our women’s programme for both urban and rural listeners, which is aired six days a week.   I quite often raise the issues related to children either in the form of discussions, talk shows, talklets or as a news item so that parents and also the elders are aware about and feel their responsibility towards children. We also broadcast a 45 minute programme for youth every day and a children’s programme every Sunday that is for, about, and by the children.  I am also doing field recordings and field reportings so that voices of women and children residing in remote rural areas may not be left out.  Though my efforts may be a drop in ocean, the hope is still there.”


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One Response to “All India Radio’s youth-focused programming”

  1. Suleiman Babajiya Usman Says:

    I just got employed by a local tv station and inspired by your good effort to carve a niche for children to heard and respected in the society. The international children’s day of broadcasting is around the corner and i would love to hear your ideas on how i can impact on children related issues in my local environment. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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