Curious Minds Still Curious in Ghana


The Curious Minds show on Ghana National Broadcasting (GNB) is an excellent example of getting youth not only involved in media but at the forefront of broadcasting. The station has been nominated two years in a row for the ICDB Awards and won the global ICDB Award in 2008.

Producer Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh updates us on their lead up and plans for the 2010 ICDB in Ghana.

“Earlier on in January, we started the preparatory process with a series of interviews of a number of children in some of the deprived communities in Accra in relation to what they thought about their rights.

Last Saturday was the first in the series of programmes leading to the celebration as we looked at female genital mutilation and its negative impact on girls. We were examining what can be done to completely end the practice. This year, we’re including the duty bearers who have the responsibility to ensure that the rights of young people are respected. We have already paid a visit to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit to see how abused ones are handled.

A lot more programmes are lined up as we hype the day and get all to be conscious of the day and more importantly to see what we can all do to help children irrespective of their background to see the impact of the existence of the convention.

We wish you all the best as we all join hands once again to get the concerns of young people heard for the necessary remedial measures.”


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