A youth film festival for everyone


Movie_Time_LahoreDo you make media? Want an audience for your work? Read the latest Media Magic Digest about youth film festivals here. And read on for a list of youth film festivals all around the world.  Leave a comment and let us know about youth film festivals in your region!


Kids For Kids
International film festival featuring work by kids 6-16 years of age. A festival and event for young people and media educators, with festivals in the Balkans, the UK, and Africa.  http://www.kidsforkidsfestival.org/en

An online and offline platform for self-made videos made by young people on issues that matter to them. http://www.strangerfestival.com/


YOUKI Internationale Youth Media Festival
Platform for young Austrian filmmakers under the age of 26 and on the basis of its multicultural programming facilitates international comparison. A jury of well-known figures gives six prizes, the Youki Awards. http://www.youki.at


The Reel Youth Film Festival (Vancouver)
Festival of Reel Youth, a non-profit youth media empowerment organization. They also put together a traveling film festival out of the winning entries, and have also done projects with youth in other countries. For youth under 19. http://www.reelyouth.ca/

YoungCuts Film Festival (Montreal)
Global network of young filmmakers and videographers under the age of 25, with annual film festival. http://www.youngcuts.com


Videotivoli International Video Festival for Children and Young People
International kids’ and youngsters’ film event, featuring films lasting less than 10 minutes, made by people under 16 years of age. http://www.videotivoli.fi/english09/index.htm


Lola Kenya Screen
Lola Kenya Screen is an annual international audiovisual media movement that seeks to place production tools in the hands of children and youth for the advancement of literacy, gender equity, self expression, and democracy in their world.  http://www.lolakenyascreen.org/


Seoul International Youth Film Festival
With week long film camp for 100 kids from around the world aged 13-18 that culminates with the festival featuring their films and films made by youth all over the world.  http://www.siyff.com/


Jana International Film Festival for Youth
A touring festival of Al-Jana, Arab Resource Center for the Popular Arts based in Lebanon, that promotes film made by and for youth, with an emphasis on youth-produced works.


CineKid Festival
Large international festival highlighting professional feature films made for children and youth between the ages of 4-14, international children’s and youth documentaries, TV productions, and new media. http://www.cinekid.nl


Nordic International Youth Film Festival
For young people between 15 and 25 years old. During festival they conduct workshops to teach young people how to make films.


Lahore International Children’s Film Festival
An annual event to showcase local and international cinema by and for children in Pakistan. The festival screen films from international and local film makers for Pakistani children, promotes children as film makers, while training them in the art of film making and exhibiting their work in the festival, and nurtures local film makers to produce films to children in Pakistan. The festival has two categories, one for youth under the age of 18 and one for other filmmakers making films for children. http://www.lahorechildrenfilm.com/


St. Petersburg International Youth Film Festival
The festival is founded by ‘Insight In’ art-centre with the support of Ministry for Youth Policy of Russian Federation, Government of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, for filmmakers under 29 years of age, with an anti racist message. http://www.iyfest.org/e_news.html


Castellinaria International Youth Film Festival
Features and shorts competition for children and young people 7 to 21 years old.  http://www.castellinaria.ch/

U.K. and Ireland

Breeze International Youth Film Festival (Leeds)
In addition to films, this two week-long festival includes performances, live music, master classes, and a radio show for youth in Leeds, England.

Cinemagic Film and Television Festival for Young People
Industry-geared film festival for UK and Irish filmmakers and actors under 25 with programming around skills building. http://www.cinemagic.org.uk/

Fresh Film Festival (Limerick)
National competition for Irish youth aged 6-17, and includes a 60 second category.  http://www.freshfilmfestival.net/about.html

Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival (Sheffield)
Children and young people 2-19; films made by children and young people, films made for children and young people, shorts, animation, UNICEF UK AWARDS: films on the theme of young people’s rights; also organizes children’s media industry conference. http://www.showcomotion.org.uk/


All Youth Film and Education Day (Sacramento, CA)

A festival of the youth media organization Tower of Youth, based in Sacramento, California. The event is combined with youth education day and features films made by youth between the ages of 13 and 20 only in Canada and the U.S.  http://www.towerofyouth.org/

Cinemakids (Austin, TX)
Organized by the Radio, Television, and Film Department at UT Austin, this is an annual 2 day event that brings together youth filmmakers under the age of 18 for screenings and production workshops.

Cine Youth Festival (Chicago, IL)
Produced by the group that puts on the Chicago International Film Festival and Cinema / Chicago, this festival features youth-made films from around the country for those under 20 years of age.

Docu-Jam (NY, NY)
Held in conjunction with the Museum of Television & Radio’s “Television Documentary Festival,” Docu-Jam is a 2-hour screening of documentaries made by youth from across the country. Organized by the the Downtown Community Television organization (DCTV) based in NYC.

Do It Your Damn Self!! Youth Film and Video Festival (Cambridge, MA)
Organized and curated by youth at the Cambridge Community Art Center, this is a youth media film festival showing work of filmmakers under the age of 19 from across the country.  http://www.diyds.org/

Echo Park Film Center Youth Film Festival (Los Angles, CA)Festival featuring videos made by youth in the Echo Park Film Center youth media programs as well as youth from around the globe.

kidsfilmfest (Brooklyn, NY)
A festival that spawned from the Brooklyn International Film that showcases and promotes films for an audience of youth and children. http://www.kidsfilmfest.org

Reel Teens Film Festival (Woodstock, NY)
The festival of the Reel Teens Media Project, which teaches film and video skills to teenagers. The festival is for teens only, and there are cash awards in 8 categories, trophies, DVD of winning entries and a traveling festival of the winning entries. http://reelteensusa.com/home.htm

Tribeca Film Festival (NY, NY)
Tribeca provides a space for youth filmmakers in their “Urban Vision” program. A collection of youth-made films are screened throughout the year. http://www.tribecafilminstitute.org/youth/screening_series/

Youth Media Program of the Hampton’s International Film Festival (Hampton, NY)
This program of youth films is part of the Hampton’s International Film Festival. They have a created a “Golden Starfish” award, their top honor, for youth filmmakers & cash award. Organized in collaboration with Children’s Media Project. http://www.childrensmediaproject.org/


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  1. The power of film | Children Says:

    […] In honor of the power of film and youth, UNICEF established International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, which is celebrated across the globe each March.  You can see a list of children’s film festivals around the world from their blog here. […]

  2. pbalakrishnan Says:

    I also wanted to make sure you knew about The Shortie Awards: International Film and News Festival. Our website is http://www.shortie.org. We are accepting entries until April 9, 2009!

  3. UNICEF ICDB Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about The Shortie Awards. We will post the call for entries on our bi-monthly Media Magic Digest in early spring.

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