China spotlights youth voices


From Li Liu, UNICEF China:


This year, the China Central Television Children’s Channel produced a 30-min TV special for ICDB on the theme “Listen to me, Papa and Mama”. Nearly 100 Chinese children aged 7-14 were invited to participate in the programme, where they drew pictures with their own messages for their parents. The programme promoted children’s right to expression and explored effective communication between children and their parents.


China Radio International produced a 31-min special radio documentary entitled “Growing Up in China” to mark ICDB this year. The programme tells three stories featuring children of migrant workers, children living in urban areas and those in poor rural areas. Interviews were made with those children with different socio-economic backgrounds speaking about their own concerns and aspirations.


Radio Beijing produced a 23-min special programme called “Growing Up in Disaster” documenting the voices of children affected by the Sichuan earthquake as well as the messages from children living in other regions of China who conveyed their care and compassion to their peers living in the disaster zones. The programme also drew attention to the protection of children from disasters and emergencies. It was broadcast through Radio Beijing and other regional radio stations in China including those based in Sichuan.



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