Youth Media Guyana takes on ICDB


From Andrea Bryan, President, Youth Media Guyana:

Through collaboration with UNICEF for the second year, Youth Media Guyana produced a series of programming for ICDB . We are a youth led media group with a focus on fostering youth expression. This year, we prepared a 30 minute television and radio programme which will examine the dreams and concerns of children and young people with an emphasis on listening to them.

The documentary also tells the stories of a poor boy who works to provide for his family with dreams of owning his own business one day, a young man looks to agriculture as his way out of delinquency, boys who are left behind in schools, the talents of three girls – a fashion designer, an artist and a singer.

The broadcasters that participated were NCN (State Media) and 5 other local television stations.

We have also covered the regional link that Guyana now has with Latin America and the rest of the Caribbean through the formation of LACVOX, a network of youth communicators formed in 2008 in El Salvador. In the true spirit of Caribbean festivities, the documentary also shows how children participate in the annual costume parade of Guyana – Mashramani. We also interviewed the young cast members of a dramatic presentation on the rights of the child called ‘Hope’

In addition to this documentary, Youth Media Guyana was invited to talk about ICDB on a live youth television show and we were interviewed for a news story carried on the national nightly newscast.

On ICDB, we also provided the television state media with a 30 minute youth panel discussion on Child Abuse, eight 30 second messages by children about child abuse and the 45 minute play about the rights of the child called “HOPE” where the cast and crew were children.

Youth Media Guyana was launched in May 2007 and produces a monthly youth newscast by young people called “11 Minutes” in addition to other special productions. We also provide training in Digital Playground (a child friendly software that uses a laptop and a digital camera to make short movies) In 2008, we were the recipients of the Unicef Regional TARCO ‘Footprints’ Award for the Best Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean for our youth news bulletins (tv and print)

Our ultimate goal is to establish a media centre where young people can access the technical and production resources to create their own material. We are dedicated to creating an avenue for expression through various forms of media thereby empowering children and young people to advocate for their rights.


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