Senegalese youth take to the air


From Rouxanna Lokhat, UNICEF Senegal:

img_20301In Rufique, a neighbourhood in outskirts of Dakar, young people joined forces to celebrate this year’s International Children’s day of Broadcasting. Young voices flooded radio stations with their message of non-violence. For over one month organizers and youth worked side by side to prepare a live open-air community broadcast which aired on both community and national radio stations in Senegal. UNICEF in partnership with Plan International’s Radio Gunéyii and local radio stations including Jokkoo FM showcased young talent and the power of child participation. Violence against children was the theme selected for this year’s ICDB in Senegal.

In the live community broadcast young people spoke out against different forms of violence against children in Senegal – including violence at school and the increase in incidents of rape. Junior journalists held live interviews with professionals working in the area of child protection to ask tough questions about what must be done to protect children in Senegal. The ICDB made it possible for over 25 young people, speaking in French and local languages, to perform interviews, sketches, poems, and songs that were heard live across Senegal.


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