ICDB in Germany! “Kids from Berlin meet kids from the Balkans”


From Thomas Roehlinger, Radijojo:

Radijojo launches international radio bridge

Radijojo World Children’s Radio Network celebrated ICDB with a very special event: We launched the first radio bridge from Germany to Serbia with a joyful and enthusiastic party in the Radijojo Headquarters.

Kids from schools in “underprivileged” parts of Berlin gathered to listen to the 6 wonderful brandnew radio shows during the workshops and see the accompanying exhibition with self-painted drawings, photos and scripts of the radio reporter freshmen.

The project is part of our European Children’s Radio EUCHIRA. It involved young talents not only from Serbia and Germany, but kids with parents from Bosnia, Albania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Croatia, Romania, Sierra Leone, Portugal, Vietnam, Palestine, Italy, Turkey, Angola and Brazil as well – a fascinating document of diversity in today’s Europe.

The opening ceremony’s highlight was a video conference to Serbia: the children of both countries presented their talents to each other live. A choir from Becej in the Serbian region of Vojvodina sang wonderful songs for the kids in Berlin, and musician of the African community in Germany performed a brandnew Radijojo anthem with the enthusiastic children.

The political message of this event was put clear by Radijojo’s Chief Editor, Thomas Roehlinger: “Children of the world have the right to be supported in any possible way to make the world a better place. Therefore, especially in times of financial crisis, money should be invested into their future first, not in bancrupt banks.”

For this radio bridge and other projects in Europe, Radijojo’s EUCHIRA was elected into to the Top 30 projects in the field of Media and Diversity in a europewide study conducted by the EU, Internews and the International Federation of Journalists (www.media4diversity.eu).

The radio shows and many more materials are online on www.euchira.eu. are now distributed to the networks of Free radios, Open Channels and community stations in the German language countries, across Europe and worldwide. They

The project was warmly welcomed by the Jacques Barrot, Vicepresident of the EU commission, EU commisioner Vladimir Spidla, by several members of the European Parliament and by the German Foreign Ministry.

The radio bridge Berlin-Balkans is a co-production of Radijojo and the Media Education Centre Belgrade. This project was sponsored by the European Culture Foundation, the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung and the Jugend-und Familienstiftung Berlin.

For more informations, please contact: redaktion@radijojo.de


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