Radio Australia’s Breakfast Club


From Phil Kafcaloudes:

Radio Australia’s Breakfast Club is presenting a special program for UNICEF International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on this Sunday March the 1st. In the half-hour program we are speaking with children from an orphanage in Cambodia; children from Fiji and Tonga, and Australian indigenous youth from a regional aboriginal school. To round things off, we’ll chat with 11 year old child genius Adora Svitak from the U.S.

The theme of the chats will be: what is the most important thing in the world to you.

The program will be aired twice on our fm and satellite frequencies across Asia and the Pacific. The first will be at 0530 Melbourne time (which is 0630 in Fiji and 0730 in Nuku’alofa). The second will be aimed at the Asian audience at 2230 Melbourne time (which is 1830 in Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Jakarta, Vientiane and Hanoi).

It is also being made available on the World Radio Network for replay across North America and Europe on the same day.

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