Malaysia’s Multi-Station Approach


From Indra Kumari Nadchatram, UNICEF Malaysia:

8TV will screen one-minute videos produced by children in Malaysia (during a recent workshop in the country – visit for a full story on the workshop). They have also produced soundbites (from the children and facilitators from the workshop) on children and broadcasting for the 8TV Quickies segments.

In terms of radio – this is the first broad multi-language initiative from Radio Television Malaysia, part of Malaysia’s Ministry of Information, in recognition of the ICDB.

RTM Radio – (ENGLISH language channel) will produce promos alongside capsules on the child’s view of how adults can be better listeners and provide motivation for growing children. They will also feature a program expounding children’s creative expression on air — kids telling you their likes and dislikes in short drop-in’s during the day’s broadcast and a half hour forum “Listen-up” to explore impressionable minds and their points of view on matters ranging from behaviour and etiquette, to the effects of technology on children. The entire pre-recorded forum entitled ‘Listen-up!’ will feature panelists and a moderator consisting of children.

RTM Radio – Aifm (MANDARIN language channel) is producing promos for the day as well as a 10-15 minute drama based on the theme Unite for Children: Tune in to Kids. The sketch will seek to illustrate the importance of the rights of a child to be heard and to be protected. It shows the importance of parents “tuning in to their child’s aspirations and needs” and being positive mentors and guides to ensure that their children become responsible and steadfast individuals in their own right.

RTM Radio – Minnal FM (Tamil language channel) will produce a program themed ‘Love the Nature’ to discuss noise pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. To be included are pupils’ interviews, story based on nature and quiz. Two school students will participate in this program.

RTM Radio – (Indigenous language channel) has produced a 30-second teaser with creative elements titled Our Future in Your Hands.

In addition, Malaysia’s New Sunday Times (English daily newspaper) will produce a special feature on 1 March to commemorate International Children’s Day of Broadcasting. Will include excerpts of interviews with Karen Cirillo and children from the Oneminutesjr Workshop.


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