For No Apto Para Adultos in Peru, the ICDB is a daily goal


From Bernardo Caceres, whose show NAPA TV celebrates the spirit of the ICDB every week:

Communication is a fundamental process in social life. Thanks to communication processes human groups share goals and organize to achieve them. Through communication processes we advance history, define the future. Is there anything more important in communications to work to make the world a better place for the next generations? For us at the weekly Not Suitable for Adults (, which won the regional ICDB award in 2008, it is difficult to imagine anything more important. In our work each week to inform and to bring Peruvian adolescents communication and media skills, we work for positive change and a better world for the new generation.

For us this is a commitment that goes beyond one day a year, and it is a privilege that we owe to the opportunity created in Peru and now in 6 countries in the world, the Kids Network News Network (KNN), promoted by the Dutch organization Free Voice.

The challenge is huge. The new generation is submerged in a culture imposed from the centers of economic power worldwide. The media tries to convince them that only material enjoyment individual gives meaning to life, and to obtain these material goods you must live with indifference and in complicity of the destruction and unsustainable exploitation of resources of the planet.

But in young people rebellion is still alive, and our commitment is to strengthen them. We provide them information and security to confront the older generations, creating a more harmonious world with conscientiousness and compassion towards people and the planet.

Our work in the production of information and news is so far the only alternative program that is designed for children and adolescents in Peru. Here, as elsewhere, the journalistic work is directed almost exclusively to adults. The fact there is no news targeted at children and adolescents stems from the notion that they must be passive to decisions made by adults.

But all the decisions and events of the adult world directly affect youth, and especially their future. Moreover, it is impossible to isolate the news for children from adult news, so that youth collect scraps of information, often disturbing, about political issues, terrorism and the environment. As a result, the media is complicit in the existence of adolescents as uninformed and bewildered prisoners of uncertainty. Generations of young people grow well in this kind of environment that reinforces insecurity and encouraging self-destructive, if not violent, behaviors, laying the foundation for poor citizenship in adulthood.

With (NAPA) we want to give a new generation a platform for information, so that they can express themselves and take ownership, to come prepared to exercise full citizenship as adults eligible to vote in elections, to be elected, and so on. We believe that democracy is not just vote every five years, as many generations and many adults seem to have understood, but it is much more than that, and democracy is invented every day with all of our actions, no matter what age .

So that’s what we’re trying to promote through the program each week of the year, and so for now we do not have any special plans for the ICDB 2009. That day, like any other weekend for more than a year and a half, we’re spreading a new NAPA on local television stations that broadcast in Peru, and through, where there are already more than 300 stories and events for children and adolescents in Peru.


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