Strong Plans in Uganda


An update from Michael Wangusa, UNICEF Uganda:

Over 50 of the about 120 broadcast stations in Uganda have so far confirmed participation in the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting on Sunday, 1 March 2009. Many of them are busy with preparations and some of them have already kicked off the celebrations by giving children an opportunity to speak out on their stations in various ways. Some stations  have already began running promotional spots about the ICDB programs that they plan to broadcast, which include talk shows, debates and quizzes among others.

The participating stations have written to me informing of the exact time when their ICDB programs will be aired. We have put in place a monitoring mechanism, which involves District Information Officers (DIOS) in selected districts, who will be listening in to and making comments on ICDB programs on stations in their areas. DIOs are local government officials. Officials from our implementing partner organization the National Council for Children (NCC), which is a government organization, will also be monitoring the programs. Staff members from UNICEF Uganda’s Communication Section will also be listening in to and watching the programs.

We have arranged to have ICDB posters and T Shirts sent out to the participating stations. The T-Shirts have the ICDB, Tune in to Kids, UNICEF and NCC logos. The T-shirts are for the children and two adult producers/presenters, who will participate in the ICDB programs. The posters will help with some local publicity. We will also have some articles written about the ICDB in the two national dailies and we will be issuing a press release next week. We have asked participating stations to take photos of the children in their colorful T-shirts during the ICDB shows, and if possible do short videos as well. We shall also be taking some of photo ourselves and are making our own documentary as well. After that the photos and videos will be availed to the media for publicity.

We have requested the participating stations to ensure that we receive their entries within to two weeks of the ICDB, by 15 March 2009. After that groups of panels of children from various parts of the country will judge the entries and we plan to complete the judging process by the end of April. We intend to have our ICDB national awards ceremony before June 15. We plan to enter the winners of the ICDB national competition in Uganda into the ICDB global competition this year.


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