European Children’s Radio Bridge


Radijojo from Berlin, Germany and Media Education Centre from Belgrade, Serbia have to finish our EuChiRa-European Children’s Radio Bridge Project. Our contribution for the celebration of the International Children’s Broadcasting Day will be Final Multimedia Exhibition with live streaming, internet radio broadcasting and for chat open audio video bridge. Like good example of our work with children you can listen Radijojo-Media Education Centre BELGRADE’S HUMMINGBIRDS radio show:


we will have also our short film, animation and documentary film program made by international groups of children during our past multimedia workshop. For exemple we will show to you documentary film made with Mr. Erling Ericsson and his famous The Animation Box during our International Winter Multimedia Workshop in Becej, Serbia, December 2008:


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4 Responses to “European Children’s Radio Bridge”

  1. tkok212 Says:

    That sounds good. We will be waiting to access it. Best wishes as you work for te interest of children’s media

  2. rajcevic Says:

    If you are interested in our project-program, you can see mostly of our activities at our web site, our web portal on and our blog at

    For all additional information and specially if you like to participate-communicate-be interactive with our celebration of the ICBD and if you like to be part of our program, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

    Best regards to all working with children,

  3. rajcevic Says:

    Dear Tkok212,

    Thanks for your interest in our project. If your kids are interested to participate active in our AUDIO VIDEO BRIDGE please contact me at for instruction. it is also invitation for all interested organization working with children and willing to participate… All the best,

    Miomir Rajcevic
    President of the Media Education Centre

  4. rajcevic Says:

    we are inviting all of you to become part of our ICBD show. You are all welcome and I like to invite all interested people and organizations working with children and with good will to participate to write to us at rajcevic(at)sbb(dot)rs and to wisit our portal at

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