Curious Minds Radio – Ghana Broadcast Corp.


From Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh, founder of the program:

We are starting the celebration right from the beginning of February.  It was exciting when we last met on Saturday after a live programme to discuss what all members can contribute to make it exciting and build  on what we did last year. We have the main launch coming on soon. Initially we planned for the 3rd of february but some other organisations will like to come on board so we are thinking of shifting to the next week to accomodate them.

Already, assignments have gone to some members who will be the main reporters for one of our key programmes on the station. We call it PERSPECTIVES. Here the reports are filed from the viewpoint of our correspondents. A mini feature on some of the leading and active members will be on our flagship programme in the morning.  Other in-school programmes are planned to get the views of even those who are not part of the programme to air their concerns on the issues that border on the proper development of children.

To raise awareness with some of the radio stations, a courtesy call is planned for them and they will in turn highlight the event. We are also roping in some print houses to give it an extra mileage.

The other big thing is that it is early days for our new government but we plan to meet either the president or his vice to discuss how to influence the media to always put children’s issues at the front burner. I am still working at getting an appointment in their presently busy schedule.

Curious Minds is a youth-led radio program that airs all over Ghana on the Ghana Broadcasting Network.  They won the ICDB Award for radio in 2008.  Click here to hear clips of their work from last year’s ICDB.


3 Responses to “Curious Minds Radio – Ghana Broadcast Corp.”

  1. edwin edmund assan Says:

    I’m a cape coast member& want to comment on how on children & youth in cape coast and their life they live in.i wish you can prompt the UN & the ministries of women & children affairs to help in this case.If you could ask Emmanuel Ashon & Edmund Abeve what they witnessed at cape coast . thank you.

  2. Godwin Fiavor Says:

    Am very Happy for the Club and wish them all the best

  3. Benjamin Amoo Says:

    I really LOVE listening to your Lovely Programs and infact am inLove with the programs you have been doing…And infact i will love to visit you one day..And if i may ask can i get access to you?

    Benjamin Amoo.

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